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Buy sofa set online in Delhi, India

A sofa set can either make or break your home's style and appearance in the eyes of your guests.  As a result, sofas are the most essential furniture to consider both in terms of style and fabric when buying online. A house is incomplete without a sofa set since it not only adds comfort and style to the room, but it also serves as a focal point where everyone meets to talk after a long and exhausting day. When purchasing a sofa set, you must consider several factors, including

  • How many people live in your home?
  • How much space is available in each area of your home?
  • In each room, what kind of furniture do you already have?

When answering all of the above questions, keep in mind the budget, the material used, and the design that will go with the rest of the furniture in the room. When all of the above factors are considered, buying sofa sets for your living room can be a difficult task. Our top interior design experts will help you in selecting the best modern sofa set furniture for your living room, all of which are made of high-quality fabrics and modern designs. Our sofa set furniture is available in a variety of materials, from wood to leather, and we also even offer to customize sofas to meet your specific requirements.

How to Choose Sofa Set for Your Living Room?

A sofa is an indispensable item of furniture that finds itself at home almost everywhere in your house. And choosing a new one is always difficult and tricky because you are essentially choosing a piece that will last for years to come. While there’s no way to say what will look best in your living room, there are certain factors to consider when buying a sofa set.

Size of the Sofa Set - Before you buy a sofa set online, it is important to know which size would fit into your space. The first thing to consider here is whether or not it can be moved easily from place to place. If it has wheels on its legs, then it would be easier to move around but if not then getting it through narrow doorways may prove troublesome.

The Fabric of the Sofa Set - It might also be wise to choose a sofa with removable cushions so that they can be cleaned more easily and don’t get stained too quickly by pet hair or food spills. Before buying any sofa make sure that its cushions have removable covers made of either microfiber fabric or leather. This will help keep it clean and fresh-looking longer than regular cloth covers.

Price of the Sofa Set - Make sure that you choose a sofa set based on how much money you want to spend as well as how long you want it to last. Sofas made out of wood tend to last longer than those made out of other materials such as plastic or metal but these tend to cost more than their counterparts.

Design of the Sofa Set - Ensure that the color, pattern, and finish of all pieces of the sofa set match; otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

For a more detailed guide, follow - Tips to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home.

Browse Our Wide Collection of Sofa Sets with Modern Designs for Your Living Room Online in India

When buying a new sofa for your living room, selecting the best fabric for your sofa set is important. And we at Furniture Adda guarantee that here you will get the greatest premium quality customized furniture online with a wide range of styles at your doorsteps.

L Shaped Sofa Set - L-shaped sofa is one of the most famous sofa designs. You can combine two L shape sofas to make a corner sofa arrangement. It will offer your room an attractive and trendy appearance. The color combination that you use for decorating these sofas also matters a lot. Furniture Adda can get you the best quality L-shaped sofa sets at very affordable prices with easy payment options like debit/credit card, wallets, EMI, etc.

Fabric Sofa Set - Looking for the best fabric sofas at an affordable price? Don’t worry. Have a look at our range of finest fabric sofa sets which will be perfect for your living room and give your place a fresh makeover. We have nice designs with fine fabrics to choose from and all under one roof! 

Leather Sofa Sets - The power of leather is its smoothness, which makes it soft to touch and easy to clean. To buy sofa sets online at affordable prices, view our wide range of superior quality luxury leather sofas. Furniture Adda has all types of premium quality sofa sets in various designs that are all made from genuine soft and supple real leather for your complete satisfaction. 

Wooden Sofa Sets - Wooden Sofas add richness and elegance to your room. Also, wooden fabric lasts longer than other materials and therefore is considered a more viable option for long-term investment. Choosing couches for your living room from Furniture Adda will let you buy a custom-made sofa set where you can easily modify the color and design of the furniture based on your requirements also at a discounted price.

Recliner Sofa Sets - Look for recliner sofas if your primary motive is to get comfort over design and looks. Buy sofa sets online from our website and get the best prices. We offer elegant living room furniture at an affordable price. Our products are exclusively designed by professional designers to suit your home interiors. The perfect combination of quality with affordability is what you’ll find at Furniture Adda. Visit now!

Chesterfield Sofa Sets - Chesterfield sofas are named after a style of English furniture popular during Victorian times. The comfort of these chairs makes them favorites for relaxing in while watching television or reading. Couches and armchairs often come with attached cushions to form a cohesive look, but you can remove covers and use throw pillows if you want to change up your style.

Shop Best Sofa Sets at Discounted Price Range from Furniture Adda

Sofa Sets Under 30,000 - Sofa designs under 30,000 comes up with wooden and fabric materials adding aesthetics to your living room. The low price range gives you the best quality sofa to warm up your room.

Sofa Sets Under 50,000 - This mid-range price opens the gate for more luxurious sofa sets options for your home at our online store.

Sofa Sets Under 70,000 - This premium but an affordable category of sofas is suitable for those looking not only for luxury but also for practicality.  To enhance the look of your living room, be it a classic one or a modern chic look, sofas available under this category are sure to make an impression on anyone.

Sofa Sets Under 90,000 - Under this price range you can get the best in class, state-of-the-art sofas with a wide variety of designs to select from for your home interiors.

Shop Sofa Online in Delhi, India from Furniture Adda 

Ready to buy a sofa set online? Furniture adda is a great place to start. A highly demanded online furniture store offering all its customized products all over India. With a wide selection of sofa sets available for purchase, you can be sure that your new sofa will arrive quickly at your doorstep. Buying from furniture adda is easy; simply select your desired product and checkout via any major credit card or net banking option. You can also read reviews about furniture adda online before making your purchase decision; with hundreds of happy customers already satisfied with their purchases, there’s no reason not to shop here first! If you’re looking for more information on buying sofa sets online in Delhi, check out our FAQ page. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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