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Bar Stools & Chairs

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Buy Bar Stools Online in India

Bar stools serve a dual purpose in a kitchen: visual beauty and additional seating. Here are several helpful tips for finding the right bar stool set for your home.

Bar Stools Heights

The goal is for your bar stool set to seamlessly fit under the bar in your kitchen. Consider the following sizes for your bar stools:

Counter Stool: These fit best under a standard 36-inch high countertop. The counter stool typically ranges between 24 and 26 inches in height.

Bar Stool: These are practical for kitchen bars, which generally add 6 inches to a countertop’s height. If your bar is 42 inches tall, your kitchen bar stools should be 30 inches tall for proper fitting.

Spectator Stool: Also known as extra tall bar stools, spectator stools are designed for counters that are 48 inches high. Spectator stools stand 34 to 36 inches in height.

Other Sizing Tips

• Account for 6 to 12 inches of space between stools. Too much space will create an odd visual, and too little space will lead to discomfort if adjacent stools are occupied.

• Allow for 15 inches between outside stools and the end of the countertop. Stools are meant to handsomely fill vacant space. However, you don’t want them to completely cut off views of your attractive countertop.

• Make sure bar chairs with arms can slide underneath the counter. There should be enough room between the arms and the countertop to guarantee comfort.

Bar Stool Styles

Depending on the décor and space in your kitchen or bar area, you’ll want to have barstools that complement the space as well as provide comfort for your guests. Here are a few styles to consider:

• Backs: Bar stools with backs are likely to be more comfortable and are ideal if you or your guests will be sitting for a long period of time. They are also safer and more supportive. Backless stools are ideal options for a kitchen with limited space. They also pave the way for a more open feeling.

• Wood and metal: Wood and metal are the most established material choices for a bar stool set. Wood offers a variety of unique finishes that are sure to either blend or stand out with their surroundings. A rustic bronze or chrome steel finish on metal bar stools is perfect in a contemporary space.

• Footrests: While certainly not required, it’s recommended that your kitchen stools have footrests. Footrests, along with cushioned bar stool seats, will go a long way in providing comfort, which is most important.

With so many colors, styles and shapes to choose from, finding the right bar chair for your bar or dining room can be a fun adventure. Buy bar stools online at FurnitureAdda.

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