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Buy Wardrobes Online in India

A wardrobe or closet can provide loads of added storage space for all your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, bed linens and so much more. The right one can also serve as a focal point in an otherwise drab room.

How to Choose a Color and Size

A wardrobe is a classic piece of furniture that offers a lifechanging storage solution when closets alone aren’t enough. While wardrobes have been around forever, today’s styles are anything but ordinary. Consider these elements to find the one for you:

Color. Choose a wooden finish for elegant and traditional homes. For a natural look, try an antique, pine, or walnut wardrobe in the bedroom or living room. White wardrobes are right at home in modern nurseries or children’s rooms. For posh decor, consider neutral colors like gray or black.

Size. Wardrobes can come with many options for storage, including drawers, cabinets and hanging rods. Measure carefully to be sure to select a piece that fits your room. Consider replacing your chest of drawers with a modern wardrobe — it may take up just as much space in the room while it holds so much more.

Form. In a room with close quarters, a shallow unit with wide drawers is ideal. Or, choose a model with sliding doors so you don’t have to account for the space swing-out doors require. Many options have full-length mirrors inside — ideal for areas where a floor mirror won’t fit.

Reclaim Space in Any Room

A stand-alone closet can help you better organize any area of your home:

• A large bedroom wardrobe with drawers, hanging rods and doors will give you more room for seasonal clothes that don’t fit in your everyday closet.

• A kids’ wardrobe is a gamechanger in a playroom, where you can keep toys and clothes out of the way but within reach.

• A linen closet adds a decorative touch to a hallway, allowing you to free up space in bathrooms and laundry areas. Tuck away your iron, towels and bedding.

• A wardrobe with drawers or adjustable shelves is also a cure for clutter in the living room. Stash board games, throw blankets and books in for easy access.

• A corner wardrobe brings elegance to a dining room. Use it to store special dishes and glassware.

With the right wardrobe, you can find the perfect place for all your belongings and restyle your living areas at the same time.

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