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TV Units by Furniture Adda

The entertainment unit is an essential element of the living room or the common room. Whether it’s reality shows, award shows, sports, or movie bingeing, most of us spend a lot of time in front of the TV. When you have guests over, a Modern TV Unit Design For The Living Room is all you need to make that first impression. When you buy TV Units Online, it’s important to determine the size so it fits nicely in the allotted space without being too conspicuous. Following are some of the important things to consider when buying TV Units Online In India.


The Modern TV Unit Design can come in a wide variety of styles. At Furniture Adda, you can find low-line TV units to wall-mounted TV Units Online.

Lowline TV units, also known as TV consoles, come in a range of styles and colors. One of the most distinctive features is that they are close to the ground. Such TV units are great choices if you are going to mount your tv on the wall or if you have a smaller living space, these create lots of open space and often have storage options.

Wall-mounted TV Units Online In India are larger and usually have storage shelves around the TV. If you have a larger or spacious living room, these would be great for you. They provide additional storage which is a plus. The shelves too can vary in style. They can come with glass cases for you to display decorative figurines, photo frames, or delicate China, they are also perfect as bookshelves.


Taking proper measurements is imperative for buying an entertainment unit online or any piece of furniture for that matter. Please note these measurement hacks:

TVs should always be placed at eye level when seated, you might want to mount your TV at an average of 105 cm from the floor for ideal viewing pleasure.

It’s also important to measure your TV apart from measuring the area your unit will be placed in. The unit shelf should be no more than 30 cm below the middle of your TV. Even if you plan on mounting your TV, you need to make sure your entertainment unit will fit comfortably underneath it.

Do place your sofa or armchair about two and a half meters from your TV unit to make sure you don’t suffer from eye fatigue. The length of your entertainment unit should fit beautifully with the rest of your furniture. You can get a larger TV unit if you have a 3-seater sofa or a huge convertible sofa.

Managing Wires

No one likes dangling cable wires. So, it’s important to determine where the power source is in your home, then consider how far your unit will be from it and other relevant points such as the WiFi router, cable TV point, or fiber optics link. This way you can minimize the cabling.

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