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Upholstered Beds

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What Is an Upholstered Bed?

The fabric that covers a piece of furniture is called upholstery. An upholstered bed includes a covering (upholstery) on top of a padded layer that collectively makes up the soft, cushioned parts of the bed.

The upholstery itself can vary significantly – from a faux leather to a printed cotton, from a performance velvet, to a mohair. You can think of any type of fabric, and you can probably find an Upholstered Bed Online Bed With Hydraulic Storage in that material, specially at Furniture Adda.

Why upholstered beds?

Upholstered beds are quite popular right now Here are a few reasons that may help you decide whether an upholstered bed is right for your home and lifestyle:

Comfort: If you’re someone who watches TV, reads, or work in bed, a plush upholstered headboard will be comfy and cozy compared to a wooden headboard. By choosing a bed with built-in cushion, you won’t have to prop piles of pillows around your neck.

Soft visual effect: If you mostly have wooden furniture in your bedroom, for example, a wooden dresser, a pair of bedside tables – an Upholstered Bed is capable of bringing a sense of softness and serenity into the bedroom.

Texture, color, pattern: If you want to imbue color, texture, or pattern (or all of the them together) into your bedroom, an Upholstered Bed With Storage will help you do just that. And that does not necessarily mean that your bed needs to become the center of attention – you can also add a neutral, earthy velvet or a subtle shade that can read as a neutral while incorporating a layer of visual interest and depth in the room.

Types of upholstered beds

When you shop for Upholstered Bed Online, you might as well be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Here are some of the most popular types of Upholstered Bed frames that you’ll find at Furniture Adda.

Platform Bed

Platform beds have an installation, as they don’t require a box spring. Since it doesn’t have a box spring, the beds give off a modern, low-to-the-ground look. This looks very clean and streamlined

Standard Bed

A standard bed is a regular bed that requires a box spring. This silhouette is universal and truly the most versatile. There are a number of details that can upgrade the look of a standard bed. For example, instead of sewn finished seam, you can have decorative nailheads. Such interesting details add a level of visual contrast to the otherwise plain bed.

Wingback Bed

If you’re on a hunt for a statement bed that is luxe and substantial, you might want to opt for a wingback bed. These kinds of beds may evoke a feeling of being in a hotel suite. The wingback bed is so called because of the wings on either side of headboard. These beds tend to have a taller profile that further adds to the drama.

Canopy Bed

In these types of beds, a canopy is designed to take a layer of textiles to create protection and coziness, which could feel truly romantic. A canopy bed often elicits a more traditional vibe. These beds have a wooden or metal frame to support bed curtains, and then have upholstered headboard.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed is a more traditional style, where the footboard is shaped like that of a sleigh. While sleigh beds are generally made out of wood, Furniture Adda also has upholstered options featuring button-tufted details to give it that traditional look with extra cushion and volume.

Panel Bed

The panel beds feature distinctive upholstery treatment that creates beautiful seams to give the bed a paneled effect. This can feel very glam and luxurious. A panel bed would look especially great in a velvet upholstery.

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