Tiny Balcony Decor Ideas

Our outdoor spaces arguably have never been more important, especially this monsoon season, with so many of us itching to get outside after months of quarantine.


But wait—what's that, you say? You don't have any outdoor space to speak of? Instead of a big back porch or a lush backyard, you're cooped up in an apartment or condo with only a sad, tiny slab of concrete and some metal railing.


Don't despair! You don't have to stay inside and be miserable. Even you, an urban dweller, can turn your little balcony into a chic oasis. You just need some inspiration to get started.


This is why we decided to focus this week’s trending décor search on helping to make your balcony the dreamiest hangout it can be. Here are five of the hottest balcony trends on Instagram, and how you can steal the look to enjoy all of your summer days—and evenings—spent at home.

1.       Balcony Bar

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