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Forced to work from home during the lockdown? (Well, we are all in this together – if it’s something that makes you feel better). These are really trying times and we sincerely hope you all are weathering this okay. All the stress and anxiety of not being able to meet your friends or see your colleagues may make it difficult for you to leave your bed, especially when the distance between work and rest is merely six feet or even less.


So how do you increase productivity while cooped up at home for days on end? A space that’s dedicated for work is key to being productive, especially during lockdown. One of the main reasons for this is that this sense of structure keeps you from being distracted about which items to work on first.


A home office that inspires creativity is easy. It is also a great way to utilize quarantine time. Start with these basic guidelines and infuse them with your own personal style.

1. Pick a proper spot

work desk with natural light

Ideally, your home office should be quiet, well-lit and have good air circulation. Place your desk near a window or by the balcony or terrace (if you have a quiet neighborhood) so you get enough natural light. A good view from this spot is also always the best source of inspiration. But at the same time, make sure that your work area is also within close proximity with power outlets so that gadgets like your laptops, tables and smartphones can easily be charged.

2. Choose the right desk

macbook pro on work desk

Depending on the space available, your work table should be able to accommodate all the work essentials without it looking too cramped or cluttered. Correct height is important. Here is the basic rule for choosing the writing desk that fits you best – when seated and while on your computer, your eyes should be level with the top of the screen. Subsequently, your forearms and shoulders should be able to rest comfortably as you type away.

3. Find “the armchair”

work chair

Finding the perfect work chair is like finally meeting “the one.” This is not to say it will be a tough search. More to the point, this only emphasizes the fact that one of the best investments you will ever make is a chair that will keep you cozy through all those deadlines and emails. In short, never make compromises when it comes to finding a chair that you want to spend eight hours of your day in. Make sure that apart from being pretty, it is ergonomically designed so you don’t get back pains or cramps. Ideally, your chair should be at a height where you are able to rest your feet on the ground. If you are looking to create an office space where you can also take breaks to read a book or do a quick nap, then consider something that reclines and may be adjusted.

4. Clear the clutter


An organized work area helps enhance clarity and focus. It also makes it easier to find things like small notes, a pen or a notepad. Depending on the type of work you do, there are countless ways keep the clutter at bay. It begins with the right kind of storage. A filing cabinet is not the chicest choice for a home office so look into modular cabinets or statement bookcases that also go seamlessly with the rest of your home.

5. Create a sense of calm


As with other spaces in a home, the right ambience will set the tone for your time spend in your home office. Keep a few aromatic candles nearby to can do wonders in energizing the mind at the start of each productive day. You could decorate your space with inspiring posters or letterboard. Indoor plants are also a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Get creative with how you arrange fauna and enjoy your space.

6. Make your home office your haven

home office

A cold, clinical home office is a sad, sad sight. Given that you will be spending a lot of hours in this space, you want to make sure that it is relaxing, pleasing and inspiring. Add pieces to your space that ring in creativity without distracting you from tasks at hand. A throw blanket or pillows are great for when you need a minute to think. If you have the luxury of space, add in an accent chair as well. If you are the type who finds stimulation from visual objects, consider adding art or art inspired decor to your space.