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Chest of Drawer

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Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers — also known as a set of drawers — is similar to a dresser, but it has slight differences. A dresser tends to be short, wide, and deep, with space to attach a mirror on top. On the other hand, a chest of drawers is usually taller and thinner, offering more drawers in a single vertical column. As a result, a tall chest of drawers makes a great space-saving solution.

Chest of Drawers Styles

Whether you’re shopping for a large or small chest of drawers, you’ll notice there are many styles available that can match or complement your existing decor. Here are some of your options to choose from:

  • Modern: A modern chest of drawers usually offers straight, clean lines and horizontal chrome handles. Modern design is all about having a neutral palette, so it’s best to stick with a black, gray, or white chest of drawers for your space.
  • Cottage: Bring rustic charm into your bedroom with a cottage-style chest. Consider a warm white chest of drawers with a weathered finish to boost the room’s cozy feel. You can even get an unfinished wood chest of drawers and add a custom paint or stain.
  • Mid-Century Modern: This style of chests is known for their tapered legs and retro style. Think about getting a chest with a warm wood finish or an oak chest of drawers to showcase a more natural look.
  • Traditional: Choose a traditional-style chest if you’re looking for elegance and a dash of dramatic flair. A five-drawer chest with a rich wood finish and ornate details is an excellent choice.

Chest of Drawers Tips

    • Incorporate a chest into your space instead of a dresser if your bedroom boasts a high ceiling. A tall chest of drawers helps complement the room’s height.
    • Measure the area where you want to put your chest to ensure it will fit alongside your existing furniture.
    • If you have any children, always anchor your chest of drawers to a wall to prevent any injuries.

If you need to store clothing, jewelry, linens or anything else, consider a chest of drawers for its style and space-saving benefits.

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