when to replace furniture

Furniture can be expensive, and if you’re like many people, you might have some older pieces that you love and don’t want to replace yet. However, eventually, you’ll probably find that your furniture has seen better days or doesn’t quite fit your decor anymore. It might be time to finally replace your old furniture, and several signs will tell you if now is the time to do so.


The lifespan of every piece varies by some years and is dependent on the materials used and construction of the pieces, the amount of daily use, and the amount of care taken during the use of the furniture. Below is the average lifespan of furniture pieces:

when to replace furniture

Is your bed old enough? Does your couch feel saggy already? If your furniture has started to make you uncomfortable, it's time for an upgrade!


Living Room Furniture

when to replace furniture

When should you replace your sofa, couch, and upholstered chair?

Fading, sagging, creaking, and lack of lumbar support are signs to replace your sofa, couch, and upholstered chair. The quality of wooden sofas gets affected by exposure to weather changes and frequent water spills. You know it's time to get a sturdier sofa if you notice the lack of support from your wooden sofa.

When should you replace your coffee table?

Wooden Coffee tables are prone to wear and tear as a result of spills and heat, therefore need to be replaced more often than other furniture pieces. When replacing a coffee table, consider sturdy material that can withstand heat and spills and is less prone to scratches.

When should you replace your TV and entertainment unit?

A TV unit must be outstandingly sturdy to support your TV and entertainment unit. Always check the surface and legs of your TV unit to prevent accidents that can lead to further expenses on repair, et al.


Bedroom Furniture

when to replace furniture

When should you replace your bed frame?

Bed frames are built with comfort and longevity in mind, so, they can last you a long time. Once you notice creaking sounds or sagging and a lack of support from your old bed frame, you need an upgrade. You can change your bed frame concerning a change in lifestyle or comfort preference.


When should you replace your chest of drawers, dresser, and wardrobe?

Wooden bedroom accessories such as chests of drawers, dressers, and wardrobes are prone to mite infestations leading to the deterioration of the quality. Loose drawers, wobbly frames, or leg support are signs that you need to replace these pieces.


Dining Room Furniture

when to replace furniture

When should you replace your dining table?

Like your coffee table, your dining table is prone to spills, burns, and constant exposure to heat. To preserve the quality of your dining table, it's recommended to use a tablecloth and placemats. Choose scratch-resistant tables for a clean look and easy maintenance.

When should you replace your dining chair?

Wooden dining chairs considerably have a longer lifespan than upholstered chairs. This is because the upholstery sags over time, resulting in an uncomfortable feel even if the frame still feels sturdy. When buying new dining chairs, consider proper lumbar support and leg structure.


When should you replace your kitchen cabinets?

Your kitchen cabinets can last for decades, depending on the materials and use. The usual updates a kitchen cabinet needs are the knobs and hardware. When buying a kitchen cabinet, always take note of your storage needs, especially when you have big equipment and liquid to store, so you don't force your kitchen cabinet to work harder than it should.


Office Furniture

when to replace furniture

When should you replace your office furniture?

Comfort and safety are paramount in your home office. Since you sit for 40-45 hours a week on your office chair, getting proper back and lumbar support is extremely essential. If your office chair doesn't give you adequate support anymore, it's time to change it.


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