how to remove water stains from wood

If someone just wants to bring a little bit of personality into their space, we think that wooden furniture is one of the best ways to express oneself. But no matter how good the woodwork is, things can still get damaged over time, ruining the look and feel of the wood furniture. 


Water stains are one of the most common problems affecting wooden furniture, especially if you live in a humid climate. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of water stains on wood without damaging your furniture. 


Identify the severity of the heat/water stain

Hot liquids like coffee or tea typically cause the most common type of heat/water stain. These types of stains often don't do much damage to the finish of your furniture. However, if left unchecked for too long, these marks will usually turn brown and cause permanent damage to the wood - so it's important to act quickly!


Another common type of water stain happens when wet items come into contact with a surface that is hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll know this has happened because there will be clear liquid drops on your furniture where the water has evaporated. If you have ever put a warm dish onto a tablecloth, this is probably what has happened. 


In order to fix this type of stain, let the item dry out completely and then use mineral oil to remove any residue. Be sure not to use harsh cleaners because they could strip away any protective coatings and make it worse!


Here are eight household ingredients to help you get rid of water stains on wooden furniture:


Baking soda

The first thing you should try is baking soda. Just sprinkle it lightly onto the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes before scrubbing it off with a dry cloth; this should lift most stains. Or you could mix it with water and scrub the stains with it until they start to fade.



Vinegar is a great all-natural cleaning product to keep your wooden furniture looking pristine. Simply soak a soft cloth in vinegar and rub it over the stain until it disappears. Or, if you spill something on your table, vinegar can help get it off right away. The following recipe is an environmentally-friendly way to clean water stains from any wooden furniture.


Olive oil

Olive oil has been shown to be an effective solution for removing heat and water marks from furniture because it's safe for all types of finishes. Simply apply olive oil directly onto the stain with a rag, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wipe off any excess using a clean cloth. You should notice some improvement and even better results after letting it sit overnight.



If you're getting water stains on your wooden furniture, you should use non-gel toothpaste. Simply gently rub a small amount onto the stain and wipe it off with a soft cloth. This will remove most of the water, but not all of it. Then gently dab another small amount of toothpaste on the affected area again and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Repeat this step until all the water stains have been removed - more than once if needed!


Petroleum jelly

If you've ever had watermark rings on your wood furniture, this is the solution to make them disappear. If you only apply petroleum jelly once, it becomes a two-step process that's quick and easy. In the morning, just wipe away all traces of petroleum jelly to get rid of your water stains overnight.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is often the go-to furniture cleaner, but it needs to be used in an even layer on a clean white cloth and left to sit for 5-10 minutes before being wiped away. If a lot of sticky residue remains after wiping, you can add more lemon juice to the solution and repeat the process. 



Bleach is a powerful cleaner that can be used to rid your wooden furniture of water stains. To use bleach for cleaning, make sure that the furniture is completely dry before you apply it to the affected area. Apply your favorite household bleach in a small bowl or bottle and add water as necessary for each stain. Stir until the solution is dissolved, then apply it to the affected wooden area for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove stains, and dry with a clean towel.


Remove heat stains using household items

If you've got heat-induced stains on your wood furniture, don't fret! You can easily remove them by rubbing wax onto the affected area and buffing it off with a soft cloth. If you have any leftover heat marks or need to refresh the color, try using hair spray or alcohol-free aftershave as an alternative solution.


How to prevent furniture from being damaged?

One way to keep your wooden furniture in great condition is by moisturizing it at least once every two weeks. This will keep your wood from drying out, which can cause cracks and other damage. To do this, simply take a cloth dampened with water and rub it across the surface of the wood for about ten minutes. You should do this in a circular motion so that you don't miss any spots! Once you're done, dry the furniture off thoroughly before letting it sit again. It's also important to make sure that all surfaces of your wood are treated equally - if not, those parts may be more prone to getting scratched or stained than others.


If you're experiencing heat and water damage, don't worry - these quick fixes will have your furniture looking like new in no time! We hope these tips help make it easier for you to protect the beauty of your home.