vastu for home office

Working from home has become the new normal during this pandemic. The majority of work-at-home professionals choose to set up their workspace in a corner of their bedroom, on the dining room table, in a passage, or even in the guest bedroom. It is critical to ensure that:

  1. You create zones or spaces within the house that separate your work life and personal life; this means, for example, that working from your bed is a strict no-no;
  2. and Your home office interior is a positive and productive zone where work gets done consistently and without hindrances.


To generate good vibes and optimism in your home office, you must follow several fundamental Vastu standards.

Here are some points which you can keep in mind for your home office:

1.      The direction of the home office

A home office should be built up in the west or southwest area of the house, according to Vastu Shastra, because it is favorable to business and a solid profession. It is here that a person may make the most informed business decisions.


Things to remember:

  1. Setting up your work desk towards the northeast direction is not suggested. However, if it's the only option, you can go for it by positioning the workstation in the room's southwest corner.
  2. The northwest orientation should be avoided at all costs when designing a work-from-home location.


2.      Colors to be preferred

Light and neutral colors in your home office create the ideal environment for you to perform at your best. For example, a cream-colored palette will increase respect and attention to your work. Positive energy and good vibes are brought in by a relaxing green color. A pale golden color denotes earnings and a fruitful work atmosphere, whereas pastel yellows imply good health and success.

vastu for home office

Things to remember:

  1. When decorating your home office, avoid choosing dark colors like black or blue. Negativity is symbolized by the color black.
  2. Blue is not a good color for business owners. It denotes water, which can cause emotional instability. It could potentially result in medical complications.


3.      Work chair to be preferred

vastu for home office

The work chair, according to Vastu, should be pleasant, robust, and spacious enough to cover the person's head, as it represents supporting life.


4.      Work desk

vastu for home office

The work desk should be facing south-west, and your working position should be facing northeast, with no obstructions such as a door, window, or balcony behind the workstation. This reduces tension while also improving a person's attentiveness.


5.      Position of the drawers/cabinets

Drawers, cabinets, and works that keep significant work-related documents should be placed in the southwest and west directions. This arrangement ensures that these storage containers open to the north, northeast, or east, which is appropriate for a home office according to Vastu. According to Vastu, putting a citrine cluster or a gold pyrite crystal in your drawer can attract and multiply prosperity.


6.      Clutter-free office

vastu for home office

In your home office, there should be no space for thrown papers or out-of-date office equipment like pens. These are thought to bring bad energy into the office.


7.   Some additional Vastu tips:

a. A water jug placed at the northeast corner of your work desk at home attracts favorable energies.

b. To promote a productive and efficient workspace, place a lamp in the southeast corner of the workspace or ensure that this area is well-lit.

c. As a work desk, stay away from tables with glass tops. If you're going to use your dining table as a workspace, for example, make sure you cover it with a tablecloth first.

d. To attract international job prospects, keep a tiny globe on the northwest side of your work desk.