vastu dos and don'ts

Vaastu is an ancient discipline that studies the movement of energy in several directions, including North, South, East, West, and its derivatives. It lays out some parameters that should be considered while constructing and building living spaces for them to coexist with nature's physical and metaphysical forces.

There is a lot of talk about Vaastu compliance while building homes and how you should live and use one. The nine planets, energy flow, and directions are all important parts of Vaastu.

Many difficulties are said to be caused by Vaastu-related faults, and while some may opt to disregard them, this is not a good decision. Following are the dos and don’ts of Vaastu:


External factors to be considered while buying the plot


a.     The plot's terrain should be leveled, with no slopes, especially in the north and east directions.

b.     A site with roads leading to it from all four directions is regarded particularly fortunate, as it is said to bring wealth from all four directions.



a.     Avoid living near cemeteries and hospitals because they attract negative energy.

b.     The plot should not be located near a temple, nor should it be in the temple's shadow.

c.      Avoid purchasing a plot near a butcher or a shoe store.


Internal factors to be considered



1.      A welcoming entrance

vastu dos and don'ts

Positive energy is attracted to a lovely entrance. With a solid wood door, you can keep your entrance tidy, neat, and well illuminated. If at all possible, avoid installing a shoe rack by the front door, as it is thought to prevent positive energy from entering the house.


2.      A nameplate on the door

vastu dos and don'ts

A nameplate on the door is crucial since it declares who owns the house and opens doors for the individuals who live there.


3.      Avoid bare walls

vastu dos and don'ts

Don't leave the entrance wall bare, as bare walls connote negativity and loneliness, especially if they're near the door.


4.      Light a lamp or incense sticks

In the mornings and evenings, lighting a lamp and incense at home wards off evil eyes and purifies the home of any negative energies.

vastu dos and don'ts


5.      Important documents

Keep all vital papers towards the direction of the northeast. Certificates, bank papers, testimonials, and other important documents should be preserved in this direction to ensure a life free of dispute. This direction is said to keep disagreements at bay in your life. A swastika at the location where the papers are stored will assure their safety.


6.      Bring light inside the house

vastu dos and don'ts

Make sure the curtains are open to allow light and fresh air into the home. This attracts excellent health and wealth.


7.      Installation of wind chimes

Wind chimes, with their tinkling tones, are a lovely way to bring positive energy into your home.

vastu dos and don'ts



1.     Avoid erecting too many walls since they tend to obstruct the flow of energy.

2.     Clutter should be avoided everywhere because it restricts the flow of energy. Sort and arrange your old clothes, books, shoes, bedding, carton boxes, letters, and photographs with care.

3.     Cactus and other thorny plants should not be kept in the house as indoor plants.

4.     Avoid putting mirrors in the direction of the south. It would cause discord in the family, and you would be held responsible for things you didn't do.