5 types of wood used by Furniture Adda

Furniture forms an important part of our lives and our households. Today, modern furniture is mostly made using compressed wood or plywood. But solid wood furniture is strong, durable, and timeless. There are different kinds of wood being used in furniture. These are selected as per their availability and sustainability in varied weather conditions, and the kind of furniture to be used indoor or outdoor. Furniture Adda makes use of some of the best wood types which promise a lifetime warranty.


Here are the five most commonly used wood types that you would find at Furniture Adda.


1.    Teak Wood

teak wood furniture

This is the most common type of wood used in furniture, cabinets, door frames, and decorative items. It is produced locally from Kerala. Moderately hard, teak wood is durable and fire-resistant. It can be easily seasoned and worked. It takes up a good polish and is not attacked by white ants and dry rot. It does not corrode iron fastenings and it shrinks little. It is among the most valuable timber trees of the world and its use is limited to superior work only.


2.    Sheesham Wood

sheesham wood furniture

Sheesham is a timeless wood that can be used with different polishes and finishes. A little expensive, it is termite-resistant and can withstand varying temperatures with ease. Although it is difficult to work with, it takes a fine polish. A versatile material, you can make everything at your home, from the bedroom to kitchen cabinets, sofa sets, dining sets, and even flooring from this wood.


3.    Marandi Wood

Marandi Wood

Also known as white Cedar Wood, Marandi makes a great veneer for wooden accessories, including chests, shoe racks, trunks, and other decorative items. Apart from being sturdy which requires minimal maintenance, Marandi wood has an aesthetic appeal. Mostly imported from Malaysia, this wood requires a seasoning of about one month before it is ready to be used.


4.    Rubberwood

rubberwood furniture

Rubberwood is one of the finest furniture-making timber. It is flexible and strong that makes it an ideal choice for making commercial cabinetry, trays, carvings, and more. The eco-friendly feature of rubberwood makes it desirable among families and offices. As the wood is produced from a renewable source it does not hamper the ecosystem.


5.    Mango Wood

Mango wood furniture

Mango Wood is a hardwood with dense grains, so it has the strength to bear the weight necessary for chairs and heavy tables, but it’s still soft enough that it’s relatively easy to work with. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its high-luster texture for many years. However, unlike other hardwood furniture, Mango wood is often seen as more affordable and sustainable.