interior design trends in 2022

Predicting the interior design trends for the coming year is one of our favorite tasks. We love discovering the latest styles that you can include in your next project – from large-scale renovations to budget-friendly smaller upgrades.


The year 2022 is all about timeless style, with throwbacks to the 70s, classic looks, and natural touches that will all go the distance for years to come. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a beautifully stylish home that will remain on-trend. We hope our guide to the top 2022 interior design trends will inspire you to create the home you love.

Here’s everything you need to know about interior trends that will make a statement in 2022:


1.  A minimalistic approach to things

interior design trends in 2022

Minimalism done well improves a space's livability while having fewer creature comforts. Decluttering must be a daily habit in a home. During the pandemic, many people tried to get rid of old, broken items. This had an impact not only on the clothes but also on the home. The trend is bolstered by the notion of responsible consumption. This is what mindful buying is all about: the desire to avoid wasting money and making impulse purchases.

Stick to one or two major materials for furniture, such as wood or steel, and keep decoration to a minimum to obtain a basic aesthetic. It is not required to adorn all of the walls; simply designate one as an accent wall, either with paint or with paintings and other items.


2.  A well-equipped workplace

interior design trends in 2022

Working at the kitchen table or on the couch is not only inconvenient but also detrimental to one's health, as the epidemic has demonstrated. At a time when the majority of employees have migrated to remote work, the need for a comfortable home office has never been more pressing. When it comes to building your own office, keep in mind that usefulness, practicality, and aesthetics all play a role.


3.  Multi-functional furniture

interior design trends in 2022

A home's flow is largely determined by the pieces that make up its construction. And the more private social events and reading nooks you can accommodate in one place, the better. For instance, click here. Others could be multi-cornered couches.


4.  Rounded design

interior design trends in 2022

Today, softness and feminine forms are at their peak: this is true of architectural solutions, furniture, and decor. This is not a new tendency, although it has only just emerged. Furniture without corners softens today's harsh lines and layouts. Interiors are given a sense of lightness and romance by these softened forms. Pay close attention to coffee tables, lamps, poufs, and sofas sets online; practically all designer furniture has rounded corners. Instead of a stiff, straight form, the chairs and stools have a softer body.


5.  Nature in the picture

interior design trends in 2022

Next year, take your nature-inspired design to the next level by bringing real plants into your house. Plants will not only add to the natural woods and warm browns in your space, but they will also help to purify the air. Furthermore, witnessing your blossoms expand gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and joy.

Sweetheart plants, fiddle leaf fig trees, snake plants could be used for the home décor.


6.  Usage of natural colors

interior design trends in 2022

For your home, a neutral color base opens up a world of choices. Adhering to simple colors ensures a forgiving canvas. Choose paint colors that blend well with your raw components. Stone greys, tinted blacks, and off-whites come to mind.

Everyone nowadays wants quiet and relaxation, increased by comfort when they return home. As a result, many people favor the natural-toned neutral palette.


7.  Light flooring

interior design trends in 2022

Light floors can help to bounce light throughout the space, allowing natural light to shine its brightest. It contributes to a more basic aesthetic, particularly if you wish to highlight a few brighter hues. Soft textures and handpicked artwork will help to warm it up.

Herringbone floors are a re-enactment of one of the contemporary era's trendiest fashions. In addition to these, several geometric patterned floors are making a comeback in 2022 home decor trends. Stick to a neutral color palette for a large-scale pattern to allow the shapes to speak for themselves.


8.  Multi-functional spaces

interior design trends in 2022

Single-purpose spaces appear to have vanished. Given recent architectural advancements and design, we anticipate that interior design trends in 2022 will include clever concepts for multifunctional rooms. With sleek and imaginative room-dividing strategies, make the most of every nook and cranny.

Many people overlook these opportunities because they overlook the vertical space available in your room. Shelving, ladders, and platforms can be used to open and close doors as well as act as room dividers.