diwali decor ideas

Diwali is a Hindu festival that is one of the most important and extensively observed Indian festivals. The week leading up to Diwali can be both exciting and demanding, as we all go shopping for gifts for family and friends. Most of us are busy working and don't have enough time to adequately adorn our homes. Don’t worry! We always got your back.

You'll have all the guns and ammo you need to know how to decorate your home for Diwali and give it a wonderful festive makeover even if you read these a day before Diwali!

Here are some tips that can help you decorate your house in no time.

1. Ready home with readymades

diwali decor ideas

If you don't have time to make your own Diwali decorations, opt for easily available things such as Diya lights, lanterns, and artificial flowers. There are numerous variations available online and in stores that appear to be genuine. You can even buy rangoli stickers these days that you may use and discard later.


2. Add a pop of colors

diwali decor ideas

Replace your living room (and bedroom) furniture with pieces in bright colors like orange, pink, yellow, red, green, and blue. You don't need to buy anything new; simply browse through your present collection and pull out any vividly colored cushion covers, runners, throws, or sheets, particularly those made of raw silk or velvet.


3. Let flowers take empty spaces

diwali decor ideas

Flowers and Indian festivals go hand in hand. After all, why not? Flowers give everything a lovely, fresh appearance. Marigold flower decorations are usually popular at celebrations like Diwali.

  • Hanging them at the front door;
  • lining them across the top of your living room console, chest of drawers, or bar cabinet;
  • arranging them in large bowls; wrapping them over the arms of your sofas and chairs, or the bases of your floor or table lamps
  • hang them between the drapes
  • Put them in empty vessels


4. Brighten up your home with tea lights

diwali decor ideas

Take out all of the tea lights, votives, and diyas that have amassed over the years and use them about the house. Nothing beats a festively lighted home over the holidays!

Tealight candles are a traditional Diwali decoration, but their grey metal holders might make them look a little flat. Washi tapes are the answer to this! Washi tapes are the ideal width for the holders, and all you have to do is pick your favorite tapes and wrap them around the tealight. To make it more colorful, mix up the tapes.


5. Make it heaven with fairy lights

diwali decor ideas

Concentrate on enhancing the lighting in your home. Put them on the porch, hang them over the balcony, or simply use them to brighten up your living room.

For a “quick fix” Diwali home decoration, you may also utilize LED light strings in a bottle. This will allow you to draw attention to the spots you want guests to notice while ignoring the sections you didn't have time to decorate.

diwali decor ideas

With these last-minute and low-cost tips, decorate your home in no time and achieve all your “DIWALI AESTHETICS”.