scandi christmas

Scandinavian design is popular because of its simplicity and comfort. Natural elements such as wood, flowers, and foliage, as well as classic hues such as red, green, gold, and silver, are prominent. More on-trend hues, such as pastels, greys, and neutrals, have recently been spotted. It's all about feeling comfortable and at ease in your own house! If you like this concept, you'll want to embrace the Nordic Christmas decoration style.

Some guidelines for Scandinavian décor are:

  • - Use grey, white, and black as neutral tones and hues.
  • - Make use of a lot of evergreens and other dark-coloured plants.
  • - Choose wood with a softer tone, such as birch.
  • - Choose geometric, simple patterns and designs.
  • - Natural fabrics such as burlap, cotton, and linen should be used.
  • - Use a variety of lighting sources, such as candles and string lights.
  • - When in doubt, go for cosiness. It's all about the hygge.
  • - Maintain a straightforward approach. Don't go overboard with anything.


Here are ways in which you can give Scandi edge to your house:


Living Room Decorations

scandi christmas

The Christmas tree will undoubtedly be the centre of attention in the room. Do not over-decorate Christmas trees, and do not select the fullest or most ideal tree. Prefer a natural Christmas tree. Candles should be lit, and evergreen wreaths should be hung on the walls. To keep warm, you could add a comfortable blanket to an accent chair.


Dining Room Decorations

scandi christmas

Add modest holiday accents to your existing décor. Scandinavians are not known for purchasing fresh new holiday flatware or tablecloths. No need of buying new cutlery or tableware, just add evergreen decorations and white candles.


Bedroom Decorations

scandi christmas

Remember that when it comes to Scandinavian Christmas bedroom decor, less is more! Decorate with a white star on the window and a little natural Christmas tree in the corner of your room! Wrap some evergreen around your headboard for a unique look. Add some string lights along with your walls to give a simple look.


Entryway Décor

scandi christmas

For Christmas, Scandinavians prefer to put lit white stars on their windows. This Christmas season, it's the finest way to greet visitors in your home's foyer!


Other ideas

scandi christmas

  • - With your Scandi Christmas decorations, adhere to a monochrome style. Just use various shades of grey to balance off the black and white, and add some wood accents.
  • - Ivy may be strung over the tops of wardrobes, evergreen boughs can be draped along with a dresser, and holly can be tied to kitchen shelves, some fairy lights, and a scattering of Christmas ornaments on larger pieces of furniture will give your home a rustic, festive atmosphere.
  • - Try incorporating some warmer colours - even minor changes to your couches and throws may give a lot of cosiness to your living area.