solid wood vs mdf

If you’re shopping around for new furniture, you may have heard the terms "solid wood" and "MDF" thrown around a few times. But what exactly do they mean? Which type of material should you be looking for for your furniture? When it comes to buying quality furniture, the materials and components are just as important as the style and design. The wood you choose to build your coffee table, dining room set, or bookshelf impacts how long it will last and how well it will resist heat and water damage. If you’re looking for new furniture but are struggling to choose between solid wood or MDF, this guide will help you determine which material best meets your needs.

Learn all about the benefits and drawbacks of both solid wood and MDF furniture in this article to help you make the right purchase decision! 


What Is Solid Wood?

solid wood vs mdf

Solid wood refers to naturally available wood or timber procured from trees that are cut down. It creates a positive impression on itself as it has been carefully selected for the size, color, and grain it may have. With age, the wood becomes richer, with the patina deepening the grain and bringing out its natural beauty. Solid wood is more stable than veneers and plywood because it takes longer to break down, making it an excellent choice for products that are used in environments with high humidity and temperature fluctuations. The natural characteristics of solid wood make it suitable for use in interior features such as desks, cabinets, and shelving.

Advantages Of Solid Wood


Solid wood furniture offers both quality and durability, which justifies the cost.  Oftentimes, furniture made from solid wood will last a lifetime, which can make the investment worthwhile in the long run. The wood will darken and only look better with time as it ages naturally.

Rich Look:

Solid wood provides the best natural sound quality and a modern, timeless design. It is quickly built into all kinds of furniture, from simple nightstands to dining tables. These pieces often have designs that are more intricate because they are crafted by hand instead of being mass-produced.

More Customization: 

Solid wood provides a great deal of flexibility in the materials used, meaning that you can tailor your solid wood furniture to your specific needs. For example, how you want to connect the body of the dining table to the pedestal legs and/or other supports. Solid wood furniture is a perfect match for versatile interiors. Layers of grain and color variations in solid wood create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Gives a Classic Charm: 

Solid wood furniture is the perfect choice for a classic home. It will last for generations, with its natural beauty and quality craftsmanship. Add a touch of class to your home with solid wood furniture. A timeless style, solid wood pieces will add value and character to any room in the house. It makes a room cozier, more welcoming, and more Make your space more comfortable by adding texture, warmth, and color. The right solid wooden furniture can turn an ordinary living room into a comfortable, homey haven.

Disadvantages Of Solid Wood

Expensive Investment: 

Solid wood is an organic material that is renewable and sustainable. It is a material made from plants that can be used to make furniture, giving it a luxurious appearance and more durability. Solid wood furniture uses solid wood pieces of the same type of wood for all its components, which makes it more expensive than composite or veneer furniture made of different types of wood or other materials.

Prone To Temperature Change:

Wood is a natural product, and it is susceptible to changes in temperature. Changes in humidity can also affect the stability of the wood. Wooden furniture made from solid wood will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. This can lead to cracks or warping of furniture over time. Using a humidifier during the appropriate season and avoiding having the room be overly hot or cold for extended periods are the best ways to safeguard your wooden furniture from this issue.

Vulnerable To Infestation:

Solid wood furniture is susceptible to damage from insects and fungi. While some termites are attracted to wood products for food, others can destroy furniture and other structures by eating away at the wood until it breaks down. Woodworms can cause extensive damage if left unchecked. It requires routine cleaning and maintenance to keep it free from insects.

Not Moisture Friendly:

Solid wood is not moisture-friendly, so you should make sure your furniture does not get wet during the rainy season. Solid wood furniture can get very moist and moldy, which is not good for its shape or appearance. However, wooden furniture that has been painted with a natural finish or even varnish can be water-resistant too.


What Is MDF?

solid wood vs mdf

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard and is made from a combination of sawdust and wood chips or other fibers such as cotton, hemp, or wool. MDF is made of wood that has been pressed and glued together at high heat and pressure to create flat panels. It’s denser than particle board but not as strong as solid wood. This type of board is also less expensive to produce because it doesn’t use expensive hardwoods like oak or maple.

Advantages Of MDF


MDF is less expensive because it requires fewer natural resources to manufacture than other materials such as hardwoods and plywood. MDF and particle board are both viewed as low-cost materials because they can be recycled and don’t require the same kind of sanding, finishing, and sealing that hardwoods or engineered lumber require.

Easy To Paint:

MDF is a simple, economical, and easy-to-buy material that creates an affordable and durable surface. It's great for artists because it's very easy to paint and has a forgiving surface, making it perfect for beginners and bringing a new look to your room, office, or home.

Water Resistant:

MDF is a highly stable material, making it ideal for building cabinets and other household items. It is quick to cut and clean and creates fantastic results. With a long-lasting natural finish, MDF is stain-resistant, so your item can be used in a variety of rooms. Because of its strength and durability, MDF can be used to create sturdy signs or decor in your home.

Does Not Easily Crack:

MDF does not deform or crack as easily as solid wood does over time, so it will retain its shape and last much longer than solid wood furniture. It does not crack with changes in humidity and temperature, making it a better choice for furniture in humid climates or homes with constantly changing climates.

Disadvantages Of MDF

Can Easily Be Damaged:

MDF is a less expensive alternative to solid wood and has been known to be easily damaged and scratched when compared to its counterpart. This lack of durability can be attributed to the product not being as solid and dense as its other counterparts, which makes it more susceptible to wear and tear than the others. MDF is more brittle than solid wood, which means it can be easily dented or scratched.

MDF Is Heavier:

It's also heavier than solid wood, so it may not be the best option if you want to place furniture near the stairs or move it around a lot. This may also be the reason why many people choose cabinets made of MDF while the rest of their furniture is made of solid wood.

MDF Can't Take Up Heat:

MDF, which is made from wood fibers, doesn't react well to heat. It is not a good choice for high-heat applications. Keep MDF away from direct heat sources such as fireplaces, ovens, and stovetops. And avoid intense sunlight if possible. As a result, it can warp and crack when exposed to excessive baking temperatures. Careful attention to ventilation and humidity control is necessary for MDF components that are subject to high temperatures.

MDF Does Not Support Heavy Weight:

MDF is a relatively soft material, which means that it can’t support too much weight or pressure. For this reason, MDF furniture can break or warp over time when too much weight is put on it. MDF can't support too much weight, so you should use a thicker piece of MDF to create your drawers or mix them with solid wood for better results.


Cost, Durability, and Maintenance

While both materials have their pros and cons, solid wood furniture is typically more expensive but offers more durability and versatility as it can be repaired and refinished if necessary. On the other hand, furniture made with MDF will cost less upfront, but may not last as long and doesn't offer the same level of customization or repairability that solid wood pieces do.


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