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Your home should be a reflection of your personality and style, and nothing helps to achieve that better than a well-decorated living space. While we often focus on decorating walls, floors, and furniture, we tend to overlook the power of a well-placed sideboard. A sideboard can serve as a functional storage solution while adding depth, texture, and style to your living space. So, take a look at some creative sideboard interior decor ideas to help you elevate your home decor.


What is a sideboard?

sideboard decor ideas

Sideboards are typically used for storage. Generally, it is a long and low table with drawers and shelves that comes with a countertop. The purpose of a sideboard is to provide storage, but also to create a visually pleasing area in your home. Made from various materials, such as wood, metal, or glass, they are placed in the dining room, kitchen, living room, or office.


How to Pick the Right Sideboard for Your Home


Consider Your Space: Before shopping for a sideboard, measure your space and budget to determine your size and cost requirements. Consider how much space you require and what you can afford.


Choose the Right Material: Choose a material that will match the interior of your home. If your home is traditional, you may prefer wood sideboards.


Look for Storage Options: Consider the type of storage you need. Look for sideboards that have drawers, cabinets, and compartments. 


Find Something Unique: If you want to make a statement, choose a sideboard that is unique and exudes your personal style. Look for sideboards made of interesting materials or with intricate details.


Using Bold Colors to Create a Statement Piece

sideboard decor ideas

Choose a color that stands out, such as a deep red, a bright yellow, or a vibrant green. When selecting a bold color, consider the overall tone of the room. If the walls are already a bold color, then it's best to choose a subtler shade for the sideboard; if the walls are neutral or muted, then a sideboard in a bright color will help to inject a bit of life into the room. When styling a sideboard in a bold color, it's best to keep the rest of the room relatively simple. This will help it take center stage without making the space too overwhelming. 


Use a mix of textures

sideboard decor ideas

The textures of your items can add an extra dimension to the look of a sideboard. Mixing different materials such as wood, metal, glass, and fabric can help to create an interesting and inviting space. Add pieces that have a smooth finish, such as ceramic vases or wooden bowls, and also pieces with more texture, like woven baskets or linen napkins. By combining these different elements, you can create a well-rounded and striking display. Experiment with items in various shapes and sizes for an added layer of interest. The combination of a glossy gold bowl and a rustic woven basket can give your sideboard interior a unique and polished look.


Introduce some greenery

sideboard decor ideas

Opt for a couple of small plants, a tall plant in a decorative pot, or even some faux foliage to give the room a bit of life. Place the plants atop the sideboard, on either side of it, or create a living wall with several plants hung from the wall behind. If you want to add more texture, you can also use dried plants and flowers as part of your decor.


Add artworks

sideboard decor ideas

Adding artwork to your sideboard is an excellent way to personalize your space and inject a bit of your style into the room. Go with one larger piece as the focal point or for a few smaller pieces that can be arranged together to create a symmetrical look. Consider pieces that reflect your personality and style, such as photographs, prints, paintings, or sculptures. Make sure to add other decorative elements around your artwork, such as candles, mirrors, or vases, for a more finished look. 


Use Sustainable Style for Creative Sideboard Decor

sideboard decor ideas

Natural materials like wood, bamboo, and jute can bring an earthy vibe to your sideboard decor. Use these materials to create a beautiful and functional accent piece or a full sideboard setup. 


Add mirrors

sideboard decor ideas

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A decorative frame or a sleek modern look makes a statement. Hang the mirror above the sideboard for a traditional look. Using mirrors to accessorize your sideboard will make it look like you have redecorated it with an expert’s touch.


Keeping it Minimal

sideboard decor ideas

Choose a few standout pieces, like a large vase or a decorative bowl, and let that be the heart of the sideboard. Keep other pieces small and subtle, such as a few small candles, a few framed photos, or a few small plants. Add a few books to give your space an alluring, snug feel. A runner or a tray creates a defined area on the sideboard and helps keep it feeling organized.


Creating a Themed Display for Your Sideboard

sideboard decor ideas

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Themed displays create a focal point in any room and give you the opportunity to express your creative side. Themes can range from natural materials to vintage items to modern pieces. Depending on your style, you can create a display that reflects your individual taste. To start, choose a few items that fit your theme and group them. For a natural look, add a vase of fresh flowers or a basket filled with shells or pebbles. If you’re going for a vintage vibe, try displaying a collection of antique books, framed photographs, or old postcards. For a more contemporary feel, add a few sculptural pieces or brightly colored artwork.


Adding Lighting for an Extra Touch

sideboard decor ideas

Lighting can play a huge role in transforming your sideboard from a plain piece of furniture into an astounding interior design statement. Start by hanging a decorative pendant light or chandelier above the sideboard for the main source of light. Add wall sconces or table lamps on either side of the sideboard to create a beautiful, even illumination. Place some small accent lights, such as battery-powered LED lights, on the shelf to highlight any special items or decorations.


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