shabby chic interior design

Shabby chic is an interior design style in which furniture and furnishings are chosen for their age and indications of wear and tear, or modern goods are distressed to give them the look of an antique. 

Shabby chic has a comfortable yet beautifully curated feel to it. Soft hues, a combination of vintage and new furnishings, and feminine details all help to create a picture.


Characteristics of Shabby Chic Interior Design

- Used furniture has an antique appearance. Some of the furnishings are genuine antiques, with layers of paint peeling away from the exterior coatings.

- In other situations, the furniture is distressed, which entails sanding and other processes to give it an aged appearance.

- The shabby chic décor is dominated by soft colors. Pastel colors like pink, lavender, and light blue, as well as bright white and beige, are always fashionable. Vibrant colors like turquoise, on the other hand, can be found, particularly on painted furniture.

- Don't overlook the importance of vintage items in shabby chic settings. The entire effect is attractive yet approachable, whether they are actual vintage and antique objects (chandeliers) or brand-new items that seem vintage (napkins, glassware, and more).

- Usage of linen and cotton fabrics for interiors.


7 Tips to Bring in the Shabby Chic Look


1. Use Light & Neutral Colors on the Walls

shabby chic interior design

Shabby chic style is known for furniture and accessories packed full of character and personality; that’s why it’s necessary to start with a neutral base. Light grey, off-white, white, and tones of beige make the ideal backdrop for the sleek but shabby interior.


2.      Add Vintage Furniture

shabby chic interior design

Distressed vintage or antique furniture is what gives the shabby chic interior design its “shabby chic” beauty. If you are using antique or vintage furniture, make sure they are still sturdy and can last for a good deal longer.


3.      Show Off Mixed Collectibles and Accessories

shabby chic interior design

The shabby chic look is one that balances between ornate and cluttered. Avoid the cluttered look by designating a place for each piece of décor and accessory you choose to exhibit. Show off these pieces on an open shelf. Swap new picture frames for weathered wood or metal frames with a patina for a bit of shabby-chic charm.


4.      Splurge on a Chandelier

shabby chic interior design

Strike a balance between old and new with a timeless chandelier. With a shabby chic interior, you can have a glamorous light in a casual interior.


5.      Cozy Up with White Linen

shabby chic interior design

White linen draped over shabby chic furniture creates one of the most beautiful contrasts. Crisp and crease-free fabric will give a more formal look to a room while soft cotton and organic textures will add comfort and coziness to a casual style.


6.      Pick Vintage Textures

shabby chic interior design

Leather, lace, and chunky rugs give not only character but also coziness. Create tactile walls with floral patterned wallpaper with texture. Use lace as décor to soften modern-day amenities and a romantic shabby chic look into a home.


7.      Go Floral

shabby chic interior design

A shabby chic interior needs a floral motif somewhere in its design, whether it’s in the furniture or the décor is up to you. However, at times, a vase with fresh flowers is also enough.