post-pandemic home decor trends

There's no denying that the pandemic has altered our way of life, particularly in our homes.

We discovered new methods to engage during the epidemic, all of which were centered on the home, and this transformed the way we worked, slept, lived, exercised, and entertained. We are now devoting more time and energy to more functions and places in our houses, as well as developing them for a new home-centered lifestyle.

Some of the changes the pandemic has created in home décor trends are:


Well-Equipped Home Offices

post-pandemic home decor trends

While some people have gone back to their regular offices at least part of the time, most of us are still working from home. Gone are the days of popping open your laptop at the dining room table. A dedicated space for work hours is what most people are looking for. And having a pleasing aesthetic background for a full day of Zoom calls has become important, too. Natural light, pretty artwork, plants, and no clutter are all things people are considering when it comes to setting up and decorating a video call space.


Need for Private Spaces

post-pandemic home decor trends

The popularity of large, open floor plans has waned, but as more families worked and studied from home this year, the need for private space has resurfaced. The need of having separate rooms for different activities has moderated the emergence of completely open floor plans, as most of our everyday lives are limited to our homes. Screen walls and other dividers will assist delineate spaces that can be used in a variety of ways.


Multipurpose Rooms

post-pandemic home decor trends

Homeowners are repurposing underused basements, bedrooms, and garages as bonus spaces for working out, watching movies, and other activities that will keep the family occupied in the event of a pandemic. Attics, garages, dining rooms, and spare bedrooms are all being repurposed as home offices and craft rooms. People prefer to work out in the privacy of their own homes; therefore, the home gym is becoming increasingly popular.


Biophilic Design

post-pandemic home decor trends

As we hunker down in our homes, a design that enhances our connection to the environment will be key to boosting mental and physical wellness. From large windows and sliding doors that bring the outside into greenery and nature-inspired colors, a design that enhances our connection to the environment will be key to boosting mental and physical wellness.

We should use colors that promote serenity, wellbeing, and this connection to nature, as well as textures that are less about the exhibition and more about comfort, to make our homes places of shelter and protection.


Hotel-Inspired Interior

post-pandemic home decor trends

Since travel and holiday plans are still on hold, homeowners are looking for methods to make their homes feel like a hideaway, prioritizing spa-like bathrooms and relaxation areas inspired by hotel architecture.