cat sitting on a sofa

Choosing the right kind of furniture & home decor for a household with pets can be a little overwhelming for homeowners. A lot of homeowners with pets also tend to think that they can't have nice things in their homes and that stylish homes and pets don't go hand in hand. But, here's good news: you don't need to compromise on style or the comfort of your pets in order to have a beautiful house. All you need to do is make some right choices and we are here to help!

Before you decide that you can’t have any nice furniture anymore because of pets, here are five tips to help you decide the kind of furnishings & furniture for a stylish yet comfortable home.


1. Avoid wall-to-wall carpet

bulldog on a grey carpet

With pets at home, carpets are your enemy. Carpets tend to absorb odors, soak up stains and trap pet hair, dirt and much worse. So if you’re someone who’d rather not fuss over dry cleaning (I mean, who would want to spend thousands of bucks every month, right?), bare floors are the way to go! If you do want something warm and cozy under your feet, look for small rugs which are cheaper and easier to replace. Just make sure that you don’t buy expensive rugs as it will be hard to part with them when they get ruined. You don’t want to end up blaming the poor pooch for it. There are a plenty of inexpensive options that look stylish.

When choosing rugs, avoid anything that stains easily. For example, fabrics like viscose, rayon, art silk (which, by the way, is short for “artificial,” and not “artful” or “artistic,”) can be gorgeous, but overall they’re too delicate to withstand life with a pet. Choose fabrics that can withstand heavy usage. Rugs made from fabrics like silk, wool and sisal are solid choices for all you pet owners because 1) they’re sturdy and 2) can be cleaned easily. Pro tip: rugs with abstract patterns and colors can help mask shedding and light stains here & there.


2. Opt for hard surface floors

malamute puppy on furniture

If yours is a house with pets, you would want to steer clear of porous materials like marble or natural stones – they tend to get stained easily. Hardwood floors and tiles, on the other hand, can stand up to scratches & moisture and are easy to clean.

Tiles are a great flooring option for pet owners, but you probably don’t want it in every single room. In that case, try sealed hardwood or synthetic woods (which are durable and less expensive than hardwood).


3. Use stain-resistant fabrics

dog sitting on a leather sofa

Even if you don’t allow your dogs or cats on the furniture, somehow pet hair seems to end up everywhere. And if they do get free reign on your furniture, the upholstery can take a beating from dirty paws and sharp claws.

Avoid buying furniture in fabrics that trap pet hair or get scratched easily. Some fabrics like velvet and bouclé are literally fur magnets. And once the fur gets there, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. Consider reupholstering your sofa or chairs in fabrics that can stand up to frequent use without feeling hard or scratchy. When your pup comes home with muddy paws and jumps on the sofa, you'll thank yourself for choosing stain-resistant fabrics. There are plenty of options to choose from. Leather can durable option – you can just wipe off pet hair. If you have cats, leather is obviously a no go – their sharp claws can ruin the sofa in an instant even if it’s not intentional. In that case, a much better option would be ultrasuede or crypton, a synthetic fabric that’s resistant to stains, smells, bacteria and muddy paws.


4. Match colours to your pet

cat on a sofa with human in the background

How about using your pet as an inspiration when designing your home? Confused? Well, here's how you can do it – if you have a white cat, get white covers for the sofa and chairs. This way you can hide the hairs really well if you have guests coming over! Even if you forget to groom your pet one day, you won’t see the difference on your furniture. You should also match the rugs to your pet’s fur color. Plus, matching the décor to your pet can also be really fun, not just practical. Think about all the amazing pictures you can get for your dear pets’ Instagram!


5. Get some pet furniture

Fluffy cat lounging on a cat tree

To avoid getting scratches on your sofa (even if it’s unintentional) or having your fragile collectibles knocked over by your pets, you should invest in some furniture that they can call their own. For example, cat scratchers are really wonderful and so are cat trees. Get a cute little bed for your dog so he/she doesn’t feel the need to sleep in the same bed as you.


We hope that these tips help you figure out the kind of furniture, upholstery, etc. you need to keep your home chic yet comfortable for pets. You now know that having a pet and having a beautiful home are not mutually exclusive. The key is to design your home with pet-friendly fabrics and surfaces to minimize damage and cut your cleaning time.