Pantone 2020 Classic Blue

The Pantone Colour of The Year 2020 has been announced! The most awaited announcement in the world of colour is here and we couldn’t be more excited!


‘Classic Blue’ is Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year. The choice for the colour resonates from the current-day need of peace and tranquillity, which are feelings associated with different shades of blue. Classic blue is a rich shade close to cobalt, between navy and royal. Good news for interior decorators and enthusiasts, this shade is what we have been championing over the past few years without knowing. The deep blues became popular in the year 2013 and have become a mainstream since then. Blues are perfect for spaces where we want to sleep, dream and just relax — it's a colour you can easily dive into.


pantone 2020 home decor

If you’re unsure of the colour, we are going to tell you how you can incorporate this cool hue into your homes – it’s never too late to redo your home, right?


Get the colour combination right


This beautiful shade of blue luckily matches many colours and allows for the creation of stunning colour palettes that will impress you! Pantone has created this colour palette but you can let your creativity flow and create your own, we are pretty sure that you’ll always get it right.


As you can see, blue and golden are a terrific match, so it’s a good idea to bring a gorgeous golden lamp into your interior design projects or mix-n-match blue sofas/chairs with luxe golden throw cushions!



Match with earthy shades


If you have earthy décor aesthetics and your current home only includes browns, beiges and greys – you can spruce up the look with shades of blue. While blue will take centre stage, browns & beiges are important across the gamut. Sandy whites and cool green hues will also play an important role – mixing and matching is the key.



Create clean spaces


You can never go wrong with blue-white combo. White definitely gives an impression of cleaner and bigger rooms. Just add accents of blue in your white/neutral décor. Take advantage of crisp and clean spaces by adding simple blue decor such as dining chairs, armchairs, tables, couches, table lamps or picture frames. These easy touches are small scale solutions but pack enough punch to give homes a decidedly Pantone 2020 upgrade!



Will you be indulging in Classic Blue? We are definitely fans! To buy some new furniture to match the Pantone 2020 aesthetic, check our website here

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