luxe makeover for living room

Living rooms are the front and center of our homes. As the first room guests see, your living room says a lot about your taste and style, so if you're wondering how to make your home look elegant, we recommend starting from the living room. But what if your vintage Champagne style is at odds with your canned-beer budget? Luckily for you, we got the inside scoop on how to make your home look more expensive, and we're more than willing to share her tricks of the trade.

There are endless possibilities for creating a living room design to suit your personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a formal reception room with heritage detailing or a relaxed lounge space for spending time with the family and entertaining guests, buy living room furniture online in Delhi, India only at FurnitureAdda.

At FurnitureAdda, sofas are the stars of the show, furnished with bespoke upholstery and layered with cushions. You can display treasured possessions with unique console tables, side, and coffee tables or layered on elegant bookshelves – all customizable according to your needs.

To get you started, we have compiled our best tips to help you create that perfectly fancy living room that looks luxurious and timeless.


1.      Luxe Velvet Sofa

luxe makeover for living room

Transform an ordinary living room into a posh space with the perfect velvet sofa. The luxurious sheen, the texture, and the rich feel of velvet in your living room emanate class and indulgence. The smooth fabric can give a chic and sophisticated touch to any space, whether the decor is mid-century modern, moody, modern, or even minimalist. FurnitureAdda is home to some of the most beautiful velvet sofas. Click here to buy living room furniture online in Delhi, India.


2.      Shimmers of Gold

luxe makeover for living room

Let gold shine! An elegant living room doesn’t need size to command luxury, just add accents of gold through console tables, end tables, or coffee tables. Keep the rest of the color neutral or earthy to help balance the shine.


3.      Whites and Blues

luxe makeover for living room

The white and blue color scheme works perfectly for the subdued yet classy interiors. This refreshing seascape-themed living room exudes the cool and carefree marina ambiance. Our Jade 3-Seater Sofa is perfect if you’re going for a seascape-themed look. Buy custom-made sofas online only at FurnitureAdda.


4.      Golden Chairs

luxe makeover for living room

Add a hint of gold to the luxurious coziness of velvety cushions! A couple of these blush & gold chairs is enough to add plush and chic elegance.


5.      Metallic Accents

luxe makeover for living room

Tasteful, sophisticated, and chic. A healthy dose of shine can make a small living room look grand. Complement the sheen of steel and silver with plush carpeting and lots of glass. Our Ultra Modern Coffee Table in Silver Finish features a glass tabletop and serves the purpose just right.


6.      Marble Topped Coffee Tables

luxe makeover for living room

Classic pieces will last a lifetime and still look fabulous. Complete a cultured and luxurious living with our Shap Coffee Table with marble and gold accents. Marble represents finesse, while gold is all about wealth and luxury!


7.      Tufted Ottoman

luxe makeover for living room

The Charm Ottoman can serve as the center table, an extra seat, or as a footrest. The tufted fabric brings in style and opulence. For added shimmer and glam use velvet or satin fabrics.

If you’re looking to invest in furniture that is unique, luxe, and will last you a lifetime, then buy living room furniture online in Delhi India only at FurnitureAdda.