Living room Trends that will never go out of style

Home trends come and go: That shag carpet or barn door might have seemed like a great idea a few years ago, but now, alas, it's an outdated mess.


Given how quickly tastes turn, homeowners hankering to decorate their space might often end up paralyzed with fear that whatever they invest in now won't stand the test of time. But here's some good news: Certain trends do endure a lifetime. And, if you know what they are, you can design your home in a way that'll last for the long haul.


So, what are we tackling today? The living room – a space where the pressure's on since it often functions as a space to entertain, a makeshift home office, and much more. If you want to make sure you get your money's worth and can enjoy what you buy for decades to come, stick with these tried-and-true ideas.

1.       Natural-fiber rugs

Living room Trends that will never go out of style

If you’ve ever tried to shop for an area rug, you know it can be a struggle. You want something that looks good but can also stand up to any pets, kids, and general foot-traffic (because let’s face it, not everyone is getting on board with your no-shoes household idea). The answer? Natural-fiber rugs!


Natural-fiber rugs have long been designer favorites – their earthy texture lends a relaxed, easy vibe to a space, and their higher-than-average durability makes them a practical choice too. But with such a range of styles and materials on the market, how do you find just the right one for your space? Jute, seagrass, sisal, and hemp are some of our favorite natural-fiber rugs.

2.       Exposed bricks

exposed-brick decor

Exposed-brick walls became famous in the late 1900s. Since a lot of people found it as a perfect solution in older homes. They prefer them because it is less expensive to expose the brick of the walls than to repair it or replace them.


For some, the exposed brick wall in the living room is an expression of the rich, historic past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. For others, it is a way to add elegance and personality to an otherwise boring interior dominated by glass and stone. No matter what your reason is, there is no doubting the fact that brick walls are here to stay.

3.       Built-in bookcases

built-in bookshelf

Shelves are an easy way to elevate the design of any blank wall while maximizing storage space. Take it to the next level with floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookshelves where you can not only organize your precious possessions but display your personal style through travel knick-knacks, artwork, and beyond.


Living room built-ins can add style and personality as well as storage. And because built-ins can be designed to cater to your household's specific needs, the options are virtually endless. If you want to create closed storage, an open display area, or call attention to specific details custom built-ins can offer the perfect solution.

4.       Ripple-fold curtains

ripple-fold curtains furnitureadda

Ripple-fold curtain, a simple and elegant style, is highly sought after by interior designers and architects. They glide easily along the custom tracks. Ripple fold panels are always custom made to seamlessly cover the desired width. They are usually constructed with 1.7 - 2.2 times the fabric of the coverage width.


Sleek and subtle to the eye, the Ripple-fold curtain has a very modern appearance with gently and continuously folded drapery from the beginning to the end. The soft ‘s’ shape of the fabric is created by the uniquely designed track. No pleats or gathers are needed to create this stylish look.

5.       Velvet furnishings

buy velvet sofa from furnitureadda

Velvet is a hot material that looks elegant and stylish in all rooms. A piece of furniture or decor accessories made from velvet attracts attention and harmonize the contemporary style. The texture and flow of the fabrics create the magic effect of velvet that blends with any interior design. Even one velvet item in a room transforms the space dramatically.


Velvet is a very cozy and soft fabric that can give a chic and refined touch to any space: boho chic, mid-century modern, moody, modern, minimalist, decadent, and so on. Velvet is a great fabric to add coziness to any space and to make it more chic at the same time.


A pink velvet chair will make your makeup nook glamorous and cute, a blush velvet sofa or loveseat is a cool fit for a feminine living room. A moody space can be made more outstanding with an emerald, navy, or purple sofa – this way you’ll add a colorful touch still keeping the space moody and dark. Make your neutral dining room more vibrant with emerald velvet chairs on brass legs. Velvet makes the space refined, chic and gorgeous, plus you’ll get a trendy touch.

6.       Chesterfield sofa

Buy Chesterfield Sofa from furnitureadda

Chesterfield sofas are like the riding boots of the furniture world – they’ve got British roots, most famously come in rich brown leather, have been around for centuries yet continue to be relevant in both style and function, and are an object of the modern era’s fascination and as such have been reinvented multiple times in the past few decades.


The chesterfield sofa is enjoying a major comeback. Once seen as the sofa of choice for the sherry-in-the-library set, it's now a fresh, elegant way to bring a sense of solidity and tradition to a modern room. The classic markings of a chesterfield sofa are tufted cushions, and arms and back of the same height. Traditional versions have rolled arms and sit on tooled wooden legs.


Designers these days are pairing traditional chesterfields with modern icons and décor, and using updated versions of the sofa. The new chesterfields play with proportions, colors, textures and lines, making nods to tradition but busting out of the mold at the same time. They are especially popular in modern eclectic rooms, where a mixture of eras and styles is essential.


But chesterfields are the chameleons of the sofa world: They fit in pretty much anywhere, providing you chose the right one.

7.       Accent chairs

Buy accent chair from furnitureadda

Have you ever enjoyed curling up with a good book, sipping a warm cup of tea, nestled under a faux fur throw, and thought, I could do this every day? Well, nothing evokes comfort and unwinding more than a stylish accent chair.


When decorating a living space, priority is usually given to the sofa. That’s where you want to spend your hard-earned money and rightfully so. But accent chairs can also be a major focal point! You want them to be comfortable, but also a stylish option to pull your space together. So, head over to FurnitureAdda and buy one now, because you can never have too many accent chairs!

8.       Oversized wall art

Living room Trends that will never go out of style

Oversized art can be a simple way to make a big statement in your living space. It removes the need to add additional decoration and isn’t as tedious as a perfectly curated gallery wall. Big art is the hottest trend in wall decorating and is here to stay for years to come.


If you're apprehensive about hanging such a big piece of art, simply leaning it against the wall is the perfect alternative. The look is equal parts low-key and high-impact.

9.       Gallery wall

Living room Trends that will never go out of style

Thought the gallery wall was old news? Think again. Modern homes are mixing up their gallery walls to create some show-stopping displays.


We all love gallery walls, and it's not hard to see why. They do so many things. They're an amazing way to infuse color and pattern into space. They let the art-lovers among us display our collections in groups so we can get more pieces on the walls. They're an excellent way to take up space on a large wall, making the room feel fully inhabited. And most importantly they're one of the best opportunities we get to show who we are and what we love in our spaces.

10.       Floral fabrics

floral fabric living room

The living room can be full of furniture and décor items but would still look dull without the use of the right fabric for your furnishings. With so many options of fabrics available today, it is easy to create a theme-based décor for your home. For instance, if you are looking for a very comfortable, calm, and summery look for your living room, go for the pastel florals. The key is to blend the fabrics well with the overall look of your home.


Floral prints add a sense of freshness to the décor of the room. These prints are available in such bright hues that it spreads out a feeling of calmness and soothes your eyes. If you are looking for something simple yet interesting, floral prints are a get-go for you.