Tips to decorate an extra large living room

An extra-large living room is not an easy feat. Any good decorating tips will be a welcome addition to your planning and budgeting process. The big room comes with big furniture, spacesuits, and a huge number of potential decorating options. Here are some great tips from professionals who have decorated homes of all shapes, sizes, and price points for years.


Choose the right color scheme

Add the perfect color to your living room with a fresh neutral or lively print to match your style. It's important to set the mood by choosing the right color scheme and balancing it with enough neutral colors to create a spacious, balanced look. When selecting patterns, avoid overpowering a room with very large patterns or bold prints. Use small-scale patterns that give the appearance of more space without overwhelming or distracting from the other design elements in the room.


Go bold with lighting

Lighting is the perfect finishing touch for any room, but especially the living room. Create a warm ambiance with bold lights that are sure to brighten up your space. If you have tall ceilings, use multiple fixtures throughout the space or opt for flush mount lights to fill up your high walls and create more contrast. Go bold with color, texture, and movement, and add a touch of interest and atmosphere to a space.


Add texture to walls and floors

Adding texture to your living room is not only a great way to add depth and dimension, but also creates the illusion of space. A good tip for living spaces is to add paint swatches all around the room. This allows you to see how different colors change together, which can help you decide on a hue that works with the rest of your design. For floors, rugs or carpets are great options just make sure it's something even and soft-looking so it doesn't clash with any other pieces in the room.


Incorporate height into your design plan

After your room layout has been finalized, it’s time to look at the furniture arrangement. While many people like the idea of mixing a variety of seating types and structures, you should focus on making the space feel cozy and inviting to start. For example, you may want to choose different heights for your furniture in different areas of the room to create contrast in your design scheme.


Think about storage options

Apart from the furniture, you'll also need to ensure that there's enough storage space in your living room. A large room means that you'll have to add TV cabinets or display units to store your belongings. If you're lacking any of these pieces in the space, look for the options from Furniture Adda.

Use decor accessories to add a wow factor.


You can take your space from drab to fab with the right decor accessories. A sofa or loveseat will add a homey touch to your living room while also providing seating. Find one from Furniture Adda that will fit the space you have and your tastes. It is important to invest in quality pieces as they will last longer and give off a more luxurious feel. Look for upholstery of fabric sofas with texture and pattern, which will add an expensive flair to your living room.


Artwork and mirrors

Extra-large spaces can make any room feel cramped, but there are ways to add warmth and personality to lighten up your space. By adding artwork, mirrors, and other elements, you can transform your living room into a cozy entertainment area that everyone can enjoy.



Plants help your house appear smarter and more colorful. Not only does it beautify the area, but it is a good way to keep the house healthy as well. It helps to deal with seasonal changes, brings fresh air into your home, conditions your eyes, and makes your living area more comfortable.


With some patience, knowledge, and creativity, you can make any living room, large or small, feel like home. 



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