L-shaped sofa for every budget

Not to exaggerate a piece of furniture, but a well-designed L-shaped sofa online might be one of the secrets to domestic bliss (and a charming living room). With room for you, kids, or pets, no one person gets the best spot in the house—it gives everyone the room they need to relax and enjoy a Netflix binge.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to sofas whether it's the fabric, style, or size. Thankfully, shopping for a new sofa is easier than ever. Instead of having to go to the furniture showrooms to buy a sofa, you can easily shop online for one that meets all of your needs. So, whether you’re balling on a budget or not, these are the best sofas and couches to squeeze through the front door.


Below, explore the 5 best sectional sofas from Furniture Adda that cater to every budget and home decor aesthetic.


1.    Shapesly U-Shape Velvet Sofa

Shapesly U-Shape Velvet Sofa

Between its sleek gray hue and its commodious design, this U-shaped sectional sofa is bound to become the focal point of your living room. A fan-favorite for its ability to hold multiple people, versatility, and durability, this 149-inch sofa offers endless possibilities and delivers in the comfort department thanks to its spongy cushions and supportive armrests.

Buy Shapesly U-Shaped Velvet Sofa, ₹52,499/- from Furniture Adda.


2.    Ciano L Shape Sofa Marine Green Fabric

Ciano L-shaped sofa

Odds are that you'll be using your new couch for naps just as much as you will for watching TV or reading. Snooze in peace with this incredibly comfortable L-shaped sofa, which has a roomy single-arm chaise so you can catch some Zs vertically and horizontally. You have the option to customize your fabric, wood, and details.

Buy Ciano L Shape Sofa Marine Green Fabric, ₹44,800/- from Furniture Adda.


3.    Wreath L-Shaped Sofa

wreath L-shaped sofa

This hardwood-frame L-shaped sofa is made from soft polyester fabric and durable Marandi wood legs to ensure lasting comfort and support. Designed to suit any sized space, this sofa is compact and can be customized to fit the layout of your home. Plus, its chaise acts as an additional seat for your guests.

Buy Wreath L-Shaped Sofa, ₹68,000/- from Furniture Adda.


4.    Rank L-Shaped Sofa

rank l-shaped sofa

Every family, regardless of its size, needs a quality couch like the Rank L-Shaped Sofa to make their living room feel home-y. When aligned with its chaise, this spacious sectional sofa offers plushness so you and your loved ones can gather around with plenty of room to spare. Once attached, it transforms your couch into a queen-sized bed that's nap- and sleepover-approved.

Buy Rank L-Shaped Sofa, ₹95,900/- from Furniture Adda.


5.    Tablearc L-Shaped Sofa


Nothing elevates your space quite like a well-made leather sofa. Refined and sharp in its cognac tan shade, this elegant sectional is available in both right- and left-facing designs to perfectly adhere to your living room, bedroom, or office's layout and décor scheme.

Buy Tablearc L-Shaped Sofa, ₹72,000/- from Furniture Adda.


Whether you are looking for a quality L-shaped sofa that makes your living room look stylish or a big, comfortable sectional that the whole family can flop onto, you will find it at Furniture Adda.