Home Office Background Ideas

Tired of arranging your office/room right before you pick a Zoom call? Now, you could get rid of those end-moment settings and could create an attractive background.

These pointers on lighting, camera location, and color and design selections can help you make the most of your blank space.


1.      Simple Background

To keep the attention on you, the priority within that small rectangle must be to reduce distractions. There's a lot to look at if you have a room behind you. Make sure you have a solid background behind you.


2.      Flaunt your bookshelf and other art displays

Home Office Background Ideas

Show off your collection in a stylish manner. Use the numerous colorful book spines to create an unobtrusive but aesthetically appealing background. Stack the books neatly by color or go all out with a random selection of titles. Make sure the titles on a bookshelf aren't readable if you're sitting in front of one.

If you're showcasing art or books, be sure the subjects don't offend anyone. To put it another way, off-screen is where you should keep the hunting photos, profanity, nudity, and anything political or religious.


3.      Nature Power

Home Office Background Ideas

Indoor plants are beneficial on and off the video conference since they improve your mood, increase productivity, offer color, and purify the air. Plants are a design element that is more than just attractive to look at, as they are frequently included in high-end interior design and are believed to produce "upward energy flow" in Feng Shui principles.

It doesn't matter if it's real or fake; the color and movement will help to break up an empty wall behind you.


4.      Reveal Yourself

Home Office Background Ideas

Your home office is owned and operated by you. Consider this space as yet another way to brand yourself and represent a bit of yourself to the outside world, with a curated minimum of photos of family, or places and art that inspire you, can personalize your business interactions, improve your mood while at the office, and act as some built-in small talk for the inevitable first awkward moment of the video call.


5.      Walls

Home Office Background Ideas

Whether it's an eclectic picture wall, a combination of patterns or textiles, a bright wall, or exposed slabs of concrete or brick, sitting in front of anything other than a blank wall generates an atmosphere. Make these backdrops as interesting as possible, but don't go overboard with too much going on in the background.


6.      Lighting is the Soul

Home Office Background Ideas

Spending hours arranging your environment only to sit in the dark is a waste of time. When possible, make use of the natural light available to you.

On conference calls and webinars, use a ring light to ensure that you appear your best.


7.      Placement of the Camera

Home Office Background Ideas

For the best video conference call, make sure your camera is at eye level and positioned far enough away. Stack books, Amazon boxes, or even a shoebox for the perfect camera placement! Anything to make a safe, sturdy, and even surface for your gadget.