how to set up a home bar

Every grown-up household should have a proper home bar. Even if you don't drink, having something on hand to offer guests is a good idea, and a home bar can add an unexpected decor element to any area. Learn how to set up a place that not only contains all the required tools but is also beautiful and stimulates you to try new things, whether you're just starting to prepare cocktails and enjoy spirits or you've been mixing for years.

You can add bar carts, bar cabinets, bar stools, and storage cabinets to your bars. This makes the basic outline of your bar.

Here are some ways in which you can create a bar at your home:


Select a room where you wish to set up your bar

Look around your home and choose the place where you are most likely to host visitors or hang out. It's a terrific area for a bar if you have a furnished basement. Set up your bar in your living room if you entertain in your living room. It's also simple to set up your bar in or near the kitchen to ensure that you have access to water.


Add a bar cart

how to set up a home bar

Bar carts or bar trolleys can help you make any space into an instant bar. Bar carts are ideal for extra-small bars because they take up very little room. In terms of size and design, you have a lot of possibilities. Make sure the cart you choose has at least two tiers, one for booze and the other for glassware.


Bring in a few barstools

how to set up a home bar

From your kitchen counter to your home bar to a high table in the entertainment room, barstools may help you complete your house. Whether you choose a wooden barstool or a Scandinavian low stool, they help to create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in your home.


Bar cabinets

how to set up a home bar

Bar cabinets are a must as they add gravity to your home bar and also is used for storage of all the spirits and glassware. They display things in a much nicer way.


Glassware and Tools

how to set up a home bar

Traditionally, different types of alcohol are served in distinct glasses. A mug or a pilsner glass is commonly used to serve beer. A short rocks glass is used to serve whiskey. Tall glasses are frequently used to serve cocktails. Incorporate a functional glassware collection into your home bar. You don't need a dozen of each glass, but you should have a few of each on hand.


barware and tools for home bar

A soda siphon for creating soda water and ginger beer at home or a vacuum sealer for making oleo saccharum could be bought.


Spirits and mixers

Choose a variety of alcoholic beverages so that guests have a choice, but keep in mind that you will be the one who uses the bar the most. Stock up on one of each of the fundamental alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and whiskey.

Some people prefer to drink their alcohol straight, while others prefer to cut it with something milder or mix cocktails. Tonic water, club soda, orange or cranberry juice, tonic water, 7 Up, and Coke are all typical mixers.


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