how to find the right ottoman

An ottoman is a furniture item. In most cases, ottomans do not have backs or arms. They could be a low upholstered couch or a smaller cushioned seat that can be used as a table, stool, or footstool. The seat could have hinges and form a lid, with the inside hollow being used for linen, magazines, or other goods.

Contemporary ottomans may be used in a variety of ways, and they come in a variety of styles to match virtually any interior design. But before we get into their various usage, it’s important to understand how you can find the right shape and size of ottomans to incorporate in your current home décor.


Size Guide for a Perfect Ottoman


Determining the shape, size, and height of your ottoman

Square, rectangular, and circular ottomans are among the many shapes available. Choose a size that is both practical in terms of use and looks nice among other items to match your existing furniture and the flow of the area.

how to find the right ottoman

1.      Relative shapes of existing furniture

When looking for an ottoman to match a piece of furniture, it's crucial to keep balance in mind. Keep the size of your existing furniture in proportion to the size of your ottoman. A huge, round ottoman, for instance, might be too much for a smaller seat. When you add other items to the room, such as a couch and a coffee table, you may run into a space problem.

Test out how your ottoman and its associated piece of furniture seem next to one another to see if they're 'out of balance.' There's a lot of space for interpretation here, so go with what looks and feels right to you.


2.      Consider the overall size of the room

If you're working with a tiny space, an ottoman might not be the best choice, since it will take up valuable floor space that you could otherwise utilize to explore the space. Consider a smaller or versatile piece, such as an ottoman with storage or one that doubles as a coffee table, in this scenario.


3.      Finding the right height

This is crucial to be taken into account. Your ottoman will be about an inch shorter than your chair or sofa's seat height. Simply measure from the ground to the top of the seat cushion to determine this. When looking for a new ottoman, subtract an inch and utilize this guide. To imitate this, simply stack a few boxes or other items you have lying about to create the right height.


Ottomans have multipurpose and can be used in the following ways:


1.      Can be used as a footstool

how to find the right ottoman

It's sometimes inconvenient to rest your feet on a hard table surface. Instead, slide an ottoman beneath the table and bring it out whenever you want to rest your feet. These pieces of furniture feature plenty of cushioning and are the perfect height for your feet. Choosing one that is comparable in color and design to your sofa will help it blend in with the rest of the decor and feel like a natural part of the seating arrangement.


2.      Provide extra seating

how to find the right ottoman

There are moments where guests outnumber the seating space. Don’t worry, ottomans will make it easy for you. Your guests will be able to relax in comfort thanks to the plush fabric and ample cushions. If you go for a larger, oval-shaped one, you'll have even more seating space because this design accommodates more people.



3.      Could be used as a coffee table

how to find the right ottoman

The ottoman is a hybrid of a stool and a table. Contemporary ottomans are available in so many stylish forms and flat upholstering options that they've evolved into the ideal coffee table. If you're reading next to a window, for example, you can rest your coffee or tea on it.



4.      Hidden Storage

how to find the right ottoman

It could be used as a hidden storage chest. You can store important things in the ottomans and nobody would even have an idea about it. The things are right in front of your eyes and only you know about them. It can be used to store items that need to be hidden right away.



5.      Could be used as a decorative item

how to find the right ottoman

If you have a lovely, eye-catching ottoman, you may use it to complement your room's style by blending it in with the rest of the furniture. Experiment and decorate with the ottoman to make your living space more appealing.



6.      Place it by the bed

how to find the right ottoman

You can utilize the ottoman as a side table by placing it next to the bed. All of your spare blankets, pillows, and covers will be stored on the ottoman. To avoid rolling onto your laptop while sleeping, keep it on/in the Ottoman instead of the bed.