feng shui for bedroom

As the topic highlights feng-shui the first question arises what is Feng-Shui? How can it be incorporated into your house?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to achieve harmony and balance among the elements. In its most basic form, feng shui is concerned with the placement of various elements to maximize "Chi," or energy. The phrase is made up of two words: "Feng," which means "wind," and "Shui," which means "water." These two elements are not only fundamental and essential to human existence, but they also travel and flow over the globe.

It emphasizes physical and mental well-being, achievement, and healthy relationships, all of which are aided by positive energy flow.


What are the elements of Feng-Shui?

The five important elements of feng-shui are wood, metal, earth, water, and fire.

1.    Fire: Symbolizes zeal and power. It's a symbol of change, expansion, and unpredictability.

2.    Metal: Logic and intelligence are represented by this symbol. It promotes mental acuity and knowledge.

3.    Earth: Stability and balance are represented by this symbol. With rocks, crystals, and landscape photos, bring the earth element inside.

4.    Wood: Growth and vitality are represented by this symbol. Placing wood objects in your home promotes personal development.

5.    Water: Wisdom and serenity are symbols of this stone. It aids in relaxation and clarity. Water can be incorporated into your design through mirrors, reflective surfaces, and aquariums.


Let’s get to the part where we can understand how to incorporate it into your bedroom. Here are some points to be remembered while incorporating it: Nothing should be stored beneath your bed.


1. Usage of earthy tones

feng shui for bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and relaxation. To assist generate sentiments of simplicity and groundedness, choose earthy tones and colors, such as brown or white, according to feng shui principles.


2. Placement of the bed

feng shui for bedroom

The bed should be placed far away from the entryway but not right in front of it. Face the entry door with your bed in the "command posture." This aids in the relaxation of your fight-or-flight reaction.


3. Buy a bed with a headboard

feng shui for bedroom

There's no way for the energy to travel beneath you if your bed is directly on the floor. A raised bed provides for the most efficient transfer of energy. In your life, a headboard indicates stability.


4. Soft, rounded leaf plants

feng shui for bedroom

Now, plants are a must as it is the wood element in the feng-shui. Soft leaves have a calming effect. Golden pathos and spider plants could be used.

5. Nothing should be stored beneath your bed

feng shui for bedroom

Clearing away what's under your bed aids energy flow as well. If you sleep in your running shoes, your energy is focused on movement, which can affect your sleep quality. Nothing should be under your bed in the ideal situation. If you only have a little amount of storage space, sheets or pillows would suffice.


6. To ensure that all parties are represented and a balance is maintained, combine masculine and feminine details.

7. Balancing all 5 elements

Earth, fire, water, metal, and air are the five elements.

For earth, place a neutral mat underneath it. White, such as white sheets, or a metal singing bowl, can be used to add metal. Bring in a little black element, such as a vase, or flowy curtains for a smooth, undulating pattern for water. Combine wood with a living plant or a work of art. A green or blue ornamental pillow will also work. Utilize fire carefully. Fire is associated with vitality and passion, yet it is also associated with restlessness. Having a small candle next to your bed is a lovely touch.