convertible furniture

You've probably seen a few Instagram videos on convertible furniture and been impressed by how little and simple they are to use. They are ideal because only one piece of furniture may be utilized for different purposes. As a result, we can save space and money by not having to purchase various pieces of furniture for different purposes. Now when many apartments come with square-footage constraints, there is an increased need for multi-purpose spaces, which has only been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Between school, work, exercise, cooking, dining, and other activities, our homes suddenly need to serve more purposes. This means that our spaces and furniture need to be able to adapt to this new reality.


Convertible furniture takes up relatively little room on the floor. This lets you focus on various methods to accessorize your home. For example, if you invest in a folding table to save all the space that a huge table takes up in a room, you may replace it with a potted plant to give your area more vitality. What else could one ask for?


Here are some of the easy-to-use convertibles from Furniture Adda that can help you save space and money:


1. Convertible Sofa

convertible furniture

A sofa bed is a creative and versatile combination of a sofa and a bed that provides fast sleeping space. Its stylish clean lines and track arms make it a terrific sofa for your modern decor. Additionally, soft upholstery features button-tufting on the back and seat cushion, as well as metal legs.

Buy Remo Convertible Sofa, ₹44,800/-, from Furniture Adda.


2. Bed with Drawer Storage

convertible furniture

The bed is a sleek and contemporary 4-drawer storage platform bed that combines elegance, luxury, comfort, and usefulness. It has ample storage capacity. The bed has four storage drawers, two on each side of the bed frame, ideal for storing bed sheets, linens, and out-of-season items.

Buy Lokoyogi Sheesham Wood King Size Bed With Drawer Storage, ₹45,399/-, from Furniture Adda.


3. Spro Coffee Table

convertible furniture

Coffee tables online are low tables that are positioned in the center of seating furniture in living rooms. It is truly novel in terms of small design, smart functionality, and space-saving intelligence.

Its metal frame has a clean-lined shape and a subdued gold finish. A transparent tempered glass top rests atop a mirrored glass lower shelf, providing the ideal spot to set down a spread of snacks, a stack of magazines, and other items.

Buy Spro Coffee Table in Gold Finish, ₹33,400/-, from Furniture Adda.



4. 3-Piece Nesting Tables

convertible furniture

This set of nesting tables is a wonderful addition to accent chairs, sofas and anywhere else you need a little extra style.  It saves space and comes in handy when the guests outnumber your sofa seats.

The metal frames have a gold finish, bringing a bit of shine & sophistication to brighten up any room.

Buy Tomb Stainless Steel 3 Piece Nesting Tables, ₹35,400/-, from Furniture Adda.


5. Ottomans

convertible furniture

The Metal Ottoman is a serious multitasker – use it as a spare seat for movie night, a spot to rest your feet, or a place to set down your coffee mug. A four-sided metal frame and a crossbar support the design in a stylish gold finish that adds some shine to your living room. Can be utilized as a coffee table or as a storage option for remote controls, MP3 players, magazines, tiny toys, game controllers, and so on.

Buy Pompiste Metal Ottoman, ₹32,500/-, from Furniture Adda.


Visit Furniture Adda for more convertible furniture. Have an easy-moving life with the convertibles and save your bucks!