10 colors that work perfectly with pink home decor furnitureadda

From the craze of the millennial pink to the trendy pastels, pink has always been a sophisticated, playful, and youthful shade without looking tacky. However, even though we love an all-pink look, we are sure you’re looking for the best color combinations to go with different shades of pink. Below are the 10 colors that work amazingly well with pink home décor!

1.       Chartreuse

pink and chartreuse home decor furnitureadda

Appropriately named for its resemblance to the French liqueur, chartreuse is a yellow-green color that sits between yellow and green in the color wheel, so it is 50% green and 50% yellow. Chartreuse is a vivid color that combines the vitality of green with the energy and optimism of yellow.


Decorating with only pink may not be the option for many people, because not all of us love monochromatic looks or have spaces that go well with it, that’s why pairing it with this color works incredibly well. It’s a bold choice, but one that evokes retro and feminine vibe. We are totally in love!

2.       Navy

pink and navy home decor furnitureadda

Pink and blue are the classic cliché, there’s no denying that, but we admit that it indeed is a great color combination. Rich and classic navy together with pale pink is a versatile and traditional combination that can easily be turned into bold when accented with gold or prints.

3.       Burgundy

kylie jenner dining room furnitureadda

Pairing pink with deeper shades of red and burgundy creates a stylish and stunning look that will have everyone stopping and staring at your color scheme. This dining room in Kylie Jenner’s home is the perfect example of this color combination working effortlessly together.

4.       Yellow

pink and yellow home decor furnitureadda

Primary yellow or mustard work beautifully with pastel pinks, harmoniously balancing each other out in a peaceful but youthful look that is impossible to resist.

5.       White

pink and white home decor

White works as a neutral base for a bold pink or a pastel pink hue making it a classic and timeless combination that works perfectly with this stunning shade. Versatile and elegant, it combines seamlessly with pink.

6.       Emerald

pink and emerald green home decor

Masculine meets feminine in this color combo of pink and emerald green. Everyone can agree this is the perfect combination for a peaceful bedroom or a living room, or any refined taste, but it can also work perfectly in a kitchen.

7.       Citron

pink and citron home decor

This living room could not be any more refreshing with pink meeting lime green. Bold bright hues together with the stunning feminine vibe of the genius pink gives for an incredible and refreshing combination for this spring season.

8.       Cobalt

pink and cobalt home decor furnitureadda

Fuchsia or dark pink with a bold and sophisticated rich jewel tone of cobalt blue creates a whole lot of contrast that looks amazing in any home décor. Who wouldn’t love this elegant color combo?

9.       Ochre

pink and ocher home decor furnitureadda

Ochre has been one of the boldest color choices for this year, a rich and moody color with vibrant tones that creates a stunning element of pop-art appeal when paired with a beautiful pink.

10.       Teal

pink and teal home decor furnitureadda

Teal and pink are our newest obsession because it just works so well together! This pastel combination is not only refined but rich and vibrant, providing a stunning addition to any home.