Christmas tree with blue sofa

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost time to pull out those X-Mas trees and get on to the festive décor. Who doesn’t love their home to be beautifully decorated during the festive season, right! It may seem a little bit too overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We are going to let you on in a few easy décor hacks to make your home feel warm & festive without having you spend big bucks.

1.     Decorate with festive fairy lights


You can never have enough of those twinkling strings of light. Super-easy to put up and a great way to add festive cheer in a jiffy. Put them in a jar, drape them around curtains, wrap ‘em around the bed or decorate the walls above or just leave them on the dining table for the Insta aesthetic. You can go really really crazy with these. Don’t stop until your room looks like one of those pictures on Pinterest.

2. Shake things up a little bit


Planned to spring clean during Diwali? Well, you can do it now. A clean house is a good reason for us to celebrate, innit? For this festive season, we suggest you rearrange your living room furniture. Do something drastic for a greater effect. Add a few armchairs, ottomans, because why not, you’ll have friends coming over – it’s good to have a few extra seating!

3. Switch to festive linens & throws


It can’t get any easier than this! Using decorative cushions in place of regular ones is a great way to add some Christmas flair to your home. If you don’t usually use throw pillows or don’t have the space, you could use the same idea with other linens! The options are aplenty. You can choose from throw blankets, tablecloth, napkins, bedsheets or even throw blankets. 

Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with the Christmas theme. You wouldn’t want to have a Santa or a reindeer in every corner – that would creep out a few guests. It might get overwhelming for you as well. You can stick to a color theme as well – greens, reds, whites, golden & silver – take your pick and keep the Christmas spirit alive.

4. Give your chairs a Christmas makeover


If you don’t want to go all out with the festive décor. Here’s one super-easy thing you can do – hang small wreaths from the backs of chairs to make them look fun. Add even more festive spirit by hanging the little wreaths using bright red, green, gold or silver ribbons.

5. Bring in lots of candles


Candles are great way to add atmosphere to any space. Luckily, candles come in a variety of colors, scents, shapes and sizes. While you’ll want to hold back on using too many scented varieties, go crazy with mismatched Christmas colors in a variety of sizes. But don’t let your candles sit around naked! Tying rustic string around the middle or gathering a small garland at the base adds some holiday flair in a flash.

6. Make it smell like Christmas


Sure, we can bake us a hearty Christmas pudding or whip up a jar of mulled wine for that Christmassy aroma. But will we really? Instead, we can put on a diffuser with the dreamiest of scents. Infuse your home with essential oils or diffuser to help you keep your home smell oh-so-good. And if you want to be extra, baking a plum cake will do it too.

7. Decorate with presents


Often wrapped gifts begin to pile up at the beginning of festive season in October. You may not want to give them up yet, so here’s the thing – use them as décor props! Rather than wrapping them in a random assortment of paper, wrap them up in Christmas decoration. If you’ll already have them sitting out and taking up space, why not turn them into décor, right? Depending on how you choose to style your home, you could wrap the gifts with over the top festive vibes or maybe a more rustic feel as shown in the picture.


Will you be using any of these budget Christmas decorating ideas this year? Do send us your pictures on Instagram or tag us in those!


Have fun decorating and have a Merry Christmas!