cabincore decor

What is Cabincore?

Cottagecore and its fall cousin cabincore are popular internet trends centered around the dream of living your best life in a cute cottage deep inside the forest where the buzzing life of the modern world doesn’t bother you. The style evokes a sense of calm that many of us yearn for in our hurried lives. Cabincore conjures the pastoral warmth of a mountain A-frame cabin where you may snuggle under a wool blanket in the evenings and sip hot cocoa in front of a raging fire.

When it comes to cabincore decor ideas, think distressed wood, neutral colors (beige, browns, and greys), heavy stone, as well as jute and burlap textiles. Cabincore style is styled to be a little rough around the edges while still delivering a welcoming and relaxed feel.

Here are some ideas that can help you incorporate the warmth of cabincore at your own home:



cabincore decor

Cabincore is all about remaining warm and comfortable. If you don't have a fireplace to curl up in front of on chilly nights, drape a quilt over the back of your sofa or have a couple of throw blankets folded up in a basket for instant warmth. Warm up frigid floors with wool rugs, cover bare benches or chairs with faux sheepskin pelts, and pile thick blankets on your bed or sofa. To amp up the cabincore vibe, choose plaid patterns, fuzzy materials, or chunky knits.


Bring on some antiques

cabincore decor

To give your home a cabincore vibe, you don't need a lot of pricey fineries. Look for tin cups and bowls, antique hardcover books with embellished spines, nostalgic glassware, mugs and teacups for hot chocolate, and anything else that makes you think of being outside in nature. This is where you may personalize the cabincore look with anything as simple as a stained wooden photo frame. If you're feeling particularly crafty, try pressing and framing some of your favorite flowers and plants for the mantelpiece.


Add natural elements

cabincore decor

The cabincore trend is heavily influenced by nature, thus including natural materials in your décor is essential. Use worn wood, faux fur, leather, and natural fibers to bring the outdoors inside. Plants, fresh or dried floral arrangements and art representing woodland settings can be used as accents.



cabincore decor

Cute and easy cabin basic items like candles, which can be both helpful and beautiful, will keep the darkness at bay. Make sure to bring your favorite aromas with you so that your home smells as warm and inviting as it looks. You're not a big fan of lighting minor fires in your house, are you? For a similar soft glow, use Christmas lights or fairy lights to decorate your home. Substitute gentler ambient lighting from table lamps, wall sconces, or string lights for harsh overhead lighting.


Décor colors

cabincore decor

The cabincore concept is best exemplified by warm fall tones and earthy, nature-inspired hues. Consider colors like moss green, rich terra-cotta, burnt orange, or goldenrod yellow that you'd see while hiking through a forest for inspiration. For a grounding impact, include neutrals like creamy whites, deep greys, and earthy browns to your color palette.