halloween decor

Halloween month is here!! Be ready to make your house spooky or cute according to your preferences. There are over a hundred spooky Halloween decor ideas to select from, ranging from indoor to outdoor decorations. Let’s get started.

Here are some easy ways in which you can decorate your house:

1. Light up some candles

halloween decor

Simply light some drip candles, let them work their magic, then place them around the home for this one. If you put them in creepy, black-painted wine bottles, you'll get bonus points for tremendous fright-night thrills. You can even decorate your candles with the help of various DIYs. For instance, click here for an easy candle decoration idea.


2. No-carve pumpkin décor

halloween decor

This is the staple décor item for a Halloween-ready house. Paint your pumpkins white, black, or any other color you want. White pumpkins give an elegant look to your décor. You can also add polka dot pumpkins with glitter on the dots. It’s up to you how you want to decorate pumpkins. You can also add faux pumpkins. Here are some examples: Faux pumpkin DIY, Polka-dot pumpkin DIY.


3. Fall floral arrangement for the win

halloween decor

For a fall-themed arrangement, choose autumn-colored stems. Use branches to add to the drama of your piece. Various textures and sizes can be added. You can also opt for pinks, peaches, and burgundies in your centerpiece.


4. DIY lanterns

halloween decor

Lanterns can be used to decorate your home and give it a spooky appearance. Not to mention that it would provide additional illumination to your home, making it appear more festive. You can add various details to your lanterns to make them more attractive. For instance, you can add faces to your lanterns. Click here for easy DIY lanterns.


5. Make some banners


Banners could be used in the decoration to liven up your home. If you substitute another color (pink, for example) for the conventional orange, the result might be a lot more joyful and unique.

You can look for banners here. You can also watch various DIYs for easy banner-making.


6. Light up with string lights

halloween decor

Create a big light-up spider web in your yard with LED string lights to channel your inner Spidey sense. These string lights are easily available on Amazon and at a very reasonable price.


7. Other decorative items

halloween decor

Fake spider webs or skeleton hanging props could also be used for decorations. Drinks could be served in test tubes.