home office in bedroom

It’s just as easy to set up an office in your bedroom as it is in any other room of your house. Just remember that whatever you choose to do, you will be spending hours there every day, so make sure that what you have is ergonomic and comfortable. It’s also not something that you can fix with a decorative rug or lovely throw pillows. If it doesn’t work, it needs to go and if you need some tips on choosing furniture and equipment for your home office, check out our guide here. The following are 8 other suggestions from experts on setting up your home office to suit all of your needs.


Create Layers

home office in bedroom

Even if you work from home, it’s good to create an area where you can separate yourself and your work if your partner or roommate is nearby. Layering desks with bookshelves and storage, along with curtains or soundproofing can all make working at home feel more like an office. You might even want to invest in a standing desk so that you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be functional!


Create Storage Opportunities

home office in bedroom

It’s important to have enough space for all your equipment, but it’s also vital to create an organized setup. Instead of having a disorganized array of wires and peripherals scattered across your desk, take advantage of under-the-desk solutions. You can buy pre-made wire shelving units that don’t require you to drill into your desk. The less mess there is, the more focused you’ll be.


Add Color at Every Angle

home office in bedroom

It’s tempting to stick with your bedroom’s original white or cream paint color scheme, but color can make a big difference when it comes to creating comfortable working conditions. Don’t have time or money to re-paint? Accent walls with bookshelves, potted plants, and art prints at different heights. You can even add splashes of color without breaking your budget by painting details like doorknobs and window trim.


Add Ambiance with Lighting

home office in bedroom

Working from home and keeping your sanity is setting up your environment. Add ambiance by changing your lighting throughout each day. Try adding dimmers or a set of fluorescent lights at your desk, as well as some candles or lamps. In addition to offering visual interest, these add depth and can make work more comfortable and pleasant. When you’re ready to relax, turn off that blaring TV and find something better to do instead! Try listening to music, reading a book, or even curling up with your dog for some rest time.


Don’t Hide Under the Beds

Many people who work from home keep their home office space hidden away so that it doesn’t distract them from their personal time. Although there are obvious benefits to working from your bedroom, it’s also important to make sure that you set up your space correctly. Don’t put your computer in your closet and don’t push all of your work supplies under your bed. If you want to reduce distractions, try adding homework boundaries by setting aside only part of a room or sectioning off an area with personal items like clothes and decorations; that way, when you step into work mode, you can completely focus on whatever task is at hand.


Start with Good Base Pieces

home office in bedroom

You don’t need to go out and buy new furniture for your home office, but you do want to invest in some quality pieces. A good chair is essential and will be used most so make sure it feels good from day one. Look into ergonomic chairs if you spend long hours at your desk. Next, select three to five accent items that reflect your style. Some functional items are not very stylish like bookshelves or plants. Finally, add fresh paint and some personal touches to give it all personality.


Use Walls as Storage Space

home office in bedroom

If you don’t have a dedicated home office space, consider using room walls as storage space. Use hooks to attach file folders to walls. Attach shelving to walls to store books, binders, and other office supplies. As a bonus, when you aren’t using your bedroom for work purposes, it can be used as a guest room! This way it can double its use by serving both needs simultaneously.


Position Furniture

home office in bedroom

Even if you only have one desk, you still need to make sure it's positioned right. The best location is away from outside windows, far enough away that you're not distracted by daylight. You should also place your computer in front of a wall with no windows so you can't see outside. This will help keep your mind off procrastinating and thinking about things other than work.


It’s time to upgrade your home office, but before you invest in any new furniture or decor, make sure it will be a productive environment. By following these tips, you can create a home office that is both functional and well-designed.


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