How to incorporate minimalist style

Minimalistic interior design has been on the rise in recent years, with many people ditching cluttered, old-fashioned homes for more simple and organized spaces that allow them to function better and live in greater harmony with others. A minimalistic home doesn't have to be cold and boring as long as you incorporate lots of colors and textures into your minimalistic style, it can be colorful and stylish. 


One of the greatest things about the minimalistic look is that it can be incorporated into any size and design of the home. Whether you’re working with a brand new home or looking to update an older space, this guide offers 10 ways to incorporate minimalist interior design into your home.


Start small

Don’t dive into your entire home at once. Start with a room that gets heavy use, such as your kitchen or living room. You’ll have an easier time noticing any excess furniture, accessories, and art that might be cluttering up those rooms, so you can remove them right away. After you get started with a minimalist interior design plan for one or two rooms, consider implementing it in other parts of your home!


Paint your walls white

How to incorporate minimalist style

Colors can affect your mood and productivity, so if you tend to get too attached or invested at home, paint your walls white. It’s a great way to remain neutral and calm, which will allow you to work smarter not harder. And while we’re on wall colors, paint all of them. This is particularly important if you want a minimalist home office even if it doesn’t feel like part of your living space right now, once things are up and running it might be hard (and costly) to take down all those drywall sheets. If painting is out of budget or not an option for some reason, make sure you invest in good lighting, natural light is always ideal but artificial will work in a pinch.


Use Natural Fabrics in Bedroom

How to incorporate minimalist style

Natural fibers are easy on your skin and can be surprisingly comfortable, cotton is a classic, but linen has some great benefits. A couple of other options include silk and wool. All three will naturally breathe when you sleep and help minimize any allergies you might have. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns that make them both beautiful and suitable for many different styles of room decoration. The bonus here is that natural fabrics also tend to be far more durable than synthetic ones, so you’ll save money in the long run by going with something like linen bedding instead of opting for what’s cheapest at your local big box store.


Remove the clutter

How to incorporate minimalist style

If you want your home to feel minimalist and uncluttered, consider letting go of unnecessary stuff that isn’t adding value. Donate items you don’t use or have a sentimental attachment to, and recycle others. And lastly, avoid bringing new objects into your space as much as possible as it can be hard in today's consumer society but take care to only bring things into your life that add real value and beauty.


Create functional storage spaces

How to incorporate minimalist style

Maximizing storage is another great way to keep a small space looking large. If you’re not sure where to start, look for furniture with built-in storage spaces like dining storage, living storage, and bedroom storage even ottomans can help. Just make sure that whatever pieces you choose to fit in your home before purchase!


Invest in custom-made furniture 

How to incorporate minimalist style

There are several pieces of custom furniture that can help you create a minimalist interior design. Custom furniture can be anything from a bed frame, chairs, tables, and dressers. It is important when purchasing custom pieces that you stick with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Furniture can be customized in many ways to fit your home's style. For example, you could have it stained a certain color or patterned in a specific way. Or you could have it built out of different materials than what was originally intended by the designer. The possibilities are endless!


Furnish with multi-functional pieces

How to incorporate minimalist style

One of the keys to minimalist interior design is having multi-functional pieces. If a piece can only be used for one thing, it’s not truly multi-functional. But if it's built in a way that it can be used for multiple purposes, then you're getting your money's worth. Having furniture with multiple uses helps keep your home looking clean and clutter-free because no extra pieces are sitting around. This is also one of those areas where fewer furnishings make more sense than more. By having multipurpose furniture, you're able to create multiple spaces within your room, which makes it feel larger and gives you even more options when you need additional seating or storage space.


Rearrange often

Rearranging is a simple way to keep your space looking new, but it has an added benefit. Changing up where you store items in your home will not only add variety and excitement to a room but also help you see all of your belongings at once which helps you put things away faster. 



Whether you’re a minimalist or not, there are certainly elements of minimalism that can add some spice to your home. Adding neutral colors is a great way to use color in moderation and ensure nothing is too overwhelming for guests. Making sure your furniture pieces match also helps create a more minimal feel. And most importantly, make sure you aren’t stuck on any one style whether it be minimalist or decorative. If it starts looking too uniform, start adding items that don’t necessarily match, but rather work with each other as far as style goes.