Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

We all crave empty spaces. But not all spaces should go empty. Some spaces do need to be filled as they may cause symmetrical disturbance or awkward gaps in the room.

 The living room is one of the most significant rooms in the house, and it is frequently the first room people see when they walk into a house. It is a gathering place for family and friends to visit, play, and unwind. It may seem tough to fill the space in your living room in a way that is both visually appealing and functional, but it is not as difficult as it may appear.

If you're wondering what to do with the vacant space in your living room, there are a few options to consider.


Window Seat

Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

The window is one of our favorite living room corner decoration ideas. Consider constructing a window seat beneath your living room window if it hits, or comes near to touching the room's corner. A window seat is one of those indulgences with a relaxing aura. It's one of the most efficient ways to make a living room's vacant corner the room's most prominent element.


Illuminate the corners

Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

One of the most significant parts of interior design in any room is layered lighting. It's all about having a variety of light sources at various levels to ensure that your light is evenly distributed. It also implies that you can create various levels of the atmosphere. When it comes to filling vacant living room corners, floor lights are ideal. They're a feature in and of themselves, similar to artwork, so your area is loaded with aesthetic value while also casting a glow on another element in the room.


Fill empty walls with artwork

Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

It's tempting to put all of your artwork in the center of the wall, whether it's framed prints or large-scale oils. However, placing your art in a corner, or several corners, generates immediate curiosity - not only in the pieces themselves but also because it's not where you'd expect to find them. Use adjacent walls in your living room's corners to create a right-angle of connected art.


Add an accent furniture

Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

It will be easier to fill an empty area with occasional furniture, such as a single chair and side table if you've previously decided on the layout of your sitting room. Even an accent table topped with a lamp, vase, or ornament is worth considering if your corner area is even smaller.

Accent chairs, poufs, end tables could also be added in free space according to the requirement.


Add plants

Ideas to fill empty corners in a living room

Potted greenery could be placed in corners with natural light. Greenery is a certain method to bring vitality to any room in your house. Because flowers are the go-to plant for a sitting area, choosing foliage instead (or in addition to) flowers will always be noticed. Go maximalist with an enormous, large-leaf plant potted in a textured rattan basket if you're feeling daring.