chest of drawers storage ideas

Chests of drawers are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home. Not only are they extremely practical and functional, but they are also very affordable, making them an ideal choice for people who want to furnish their home on a budget. However, you might be surprised by how many different uses you can find for this staple piece of furniture! Use these ideas to learn more about the best ways to use a chest of drawers in your home!


As a Bedside Table

how to use chest of drawers

Try setting the chest of drawers on the sides next to your bed. If you use them as bedside tables, be sure not to add anything heavy that could damage them when you open or close them. Consider adding fun linens for a nice finishing touch. Arrange some framed family photos around it and you have an instant gallery wall. Add your favorite mug and clock and voila! A personalized space with personality.


In an Entryway

how to use chest of drawers

In smaller homes, it’s difficult to have ample storage space. A chest of drawers is great for hallways and entryways since you can use these spaces as a gathering spot where guests leave their coats, umbrellas, shoes, or backpacks when they come inside. The same goes for larger homes but on a larger scale. Bigger spaces simply need more drawer storage so your hallway and entryway don’t become overrun with clutter. It also makes sense if you have multiple floors in your home - storing everyone’s shoes or backpacks upstairs will keep that area clean and neat looking.


As Extra Storage in Bathrooms

how to use chest of drawers

If you’re short on storage space but have room for at least one chest of drawers, try using them in your bathroom for extra storage. The drawers are perfect for storing smaller items and because they’re built-in, they don’t take up any extra floor space! Using a single drawer will give you somewhere to set your makeup and brushes, but if you have taller items like lotions or hair gels, it will ensure they stay off surfaces so your counter stays clean.


In the Laundry Room

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Get rid of your laundry hamper, put your dirty clothes in baskets that fit inside each drawer, and use drawers for storage as well as sorting clothes. You'll save space while giving yourself an easier way to keep things organized.


In an Office Space

how to use chest of drawers

You can use a chest of drawers as built-in storage for anything from printer paper and envelopes to boxes and books. They offer more space than shelves which are also ideal when your work area has limited floor space but they can easily be removed when needed. Removing drawers is easier than trying to move around heavy shelving units!


Kids' Rooms and Playrooms

how to use chest of drawers

You’re going to have a drawer for all their clothes, but also consider keeping one just for crafts. It can help prevent broken crayons and markers from coloring on your bedding or favorite throw pillows. Better yet, let them fill it with blocks and toys that are always nearby so they can do some imaginative play right there at home. Not only will it keep their room tidy, but it’ll give them space to be creative no matter where they are!


In the Kitchen

how to use chest of drawers

Having a chest of drawers in your kitchen is handy because you can easily stash away all sorts of kitchen utensils and dishes and still have them readily available. Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or are simply looking for another surface on which to place knickknacks, odds are that your kitchen could use some added storage. Get some extra drawers with adjustable shelving that way you can really make those shelves work for you! And even if it doesn’t double as a place to store food, think about whether it could be useful as an extra surface area or decorative piece. For example, custom cabinets might also act as great bookcases or display areas.


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