Achieving the minimalist look you’ve always wanted can seem impossible to many homeowners, who believe they don’t have enough space to maintain the look. But whether you have an apartment or even a mansion, these 8 room-by-room guides show you how to nail minimal decor in every room, so you can enjoy your space to the fullest and keep it clutter-free for years to come.


Living Room

Minimalist decor for every room

Keep it simple. A few pieces of clean, modern furniture and an abstract or two can make a bold statement. Don’t forget the artwork! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars at a gallery, hang up some pictures from your last vacation and you’ll have a great room. Plus, adding other elements like throw pillows and floor rugs will add extra texture and dimension without taking away from that minimalist vibe.



Minimalist decor for every room

A bedroom should be a comfortable and relaxing space. Keep it simple with uncomplicated furniture and natural warm colors. Add just a touch of personality with creative ideas like eclectic pieces that speak to your style or artwork and accent lighting that sets an inviting mood. A bedroom is all about you, so get creative!


Dining Room

Minimalist decor for every room

Choose pale walls and minimal furnishings. For upholstery, opt for darker tones (red, brown), which help make a room appear bigger. Pay attention to flooring if you’re going with wood, pick lighter varieties; otherwise, avoid dark tones like black and navy blue. Like we said before - less is more when it comes to decorating in a minimal style.



Minimalist decor for every room

You don’t have to sacrifice storage and space when you're going minimal; in fact, it’s quite easy with strategically placed mirrors and accessories. In bathrooms by placing a mirror behind your bathtub which reflects light into small spaces, you can save tons of space while also making your bathroom look bright and airy. If you need extra storage, consider floating shelves above your toilet tank instead of adding cabinets. Floating shelves are a great way to add both storage and style to any room.



Minimalist decor for every room

White kitchens are great. There’s no debating that. But it is a fact that white cabinets, countertops, and walls can date your home. Fortunately, painting your kitchen cabinets can help you bring back some of the beautiful lustrous without breaking into a sweat.


Entryway & Laundry Room

Minimalist decor for every room

The Entryway is typically where we drop our bags after a long day. This allows you an opportunity to practice mindfulness by making sure that each item is needed at its next destination. When it comes to creating minimal decor in entryways and laundry rooms, things such as storage bins help keep everything organized but still allow for easy access if needed. It's one of those 'less is more' scenarios where if something is easily accessible when you need it, then there's no reason why having extra options around can't be helpful; but only when they're needed!


Outdoor Space

Minimalist decor for every room

Designing your outdoor space can be a simple task, or an overwhelming one. The difference is how you tackle it. First, make sure you ask yourself these three questions: What do I want my outdoor space to feel like? (Comfortable? Relaxed? Inviting?) Are there existing elements that I need to work with? (The surrounding landscape? The house itself?) Is there a style of decor that fits my personality? (Classic and refined? Bright and playful?) Once you’ve got your answers in place, it’s time to think about how you can create that ideal outdoor environment using minimal decor. 


  1. Use natural materials. Use plants, rocks, wood, and anything else that naturally grows around you when decorating your yard.
  2. Work with what you have. Start by looking at what's already there and see if there's anything that could be repurposed or tweaked to fit into your design plans instead.
  3. Use as few materials as possible. Too much clutter can make even the most beautiful outdoor space feel overwhelming.
  4. Add pops of colors. While nature provides plenty of great colors to work with, sometimes you might want something a little brighter or bolder. That's fine! 


Family Room

Minimalist decor for every room

To nail minimal decor in your family room, choose one or two statement pieces, like an ottoman or throw pillow. Choose neutral colors and focus on quality. When you're picking out furniture or accessories, try to envision how they will look ten years from now - as trends tend to change pretty rapidly in interior design! Add subtle accent pieces and hang some framed art (use thick frames so it doesn't look cluttered). It's okay if your aesthetic differs from season to season new pillows or a different arrangement of furniture will do the trick!


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