How to choose an armchair

When it comes to deciding which type of armchair to add to your living room, there are many choices and factors to consider. Do you want the armchair to be comfortable? How much space do you have? Is it going to match your current furniture? With so many options, choosing the perfect armchair can seem overwhelming. 

However, if you follow these procedures, it will be much easier.



How to choose an armchair

When choosing an armchair for your living room, you must look for a piece that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy it from an aesthetic perspective as well as from a functional one. When looking at armchairs, consider buying one with storage capabilities so that you can use it as an ottoman or side table when not in use.



How to choose an armchair

For an armchair to be truly useful in your living room, it must be able to function in a variety of ways. You might sit on it while you watch TV or read a book or when you have company over and want them to feel welcome. Therefore, your armchair needs to be comfortable and appealing as well as versatile enough for many different purposes.

It also helps if you can find one that’s reasonably priced! Here are some of our favorite armchairs.



How to choose an armchair

The armchair you choose should complement, not dominate, your living room. Opt for a small chair or a loveseat if you have space limitations. Like, if your sofa is shorter than 84 inches (2 meters), then an armchair with a seat height of 19 inches (48 centimeters) will fit on top of it without sticking out too far.

Make sure your armchair is at least as long as your height if you’re using it in a living room setting or perhaps even longer if you plan on doing some reading.


Material and Fabric

How to choose an armchair

A sumptuous velvet may not be the most practical choice if you have pets or little children, but for a more mature home, luxurious leather or soft cotton may be the right finishing touch. If you want something warm and fluffy, use wool; however, if you want something more professional, a linen mix is a perfect option.



How to choose an armchair

Durable armchairs should be made from strong, high-quality materials. When considering your options, look for sturdy frames constructed of metal or wood. Leather upholstery is a good option as well, especially if you plan on spending lots of time sitting in your chair and need something comfortable yet long-lasting. A fabric with a nice texture and good color scheme is important as well; choose a material that will stand up well over time.



How to choose an armchair

Put comfort above fashion when choosing an armchair. Arms are designed to allow you to sit up and read, talk or simply relax with your hands in your lap. Although a chair without arms might look better aesthetically, it can cause back pain and make it difficult for you to relax comfortably. Look for soft padding on all sides of an armchair’s backrest not just along with your spine but to prevent wrinkles in your clothing.


Price vs Value

When buying a new armchair, you need to be asking yourself some basic questions: What is it I want out of an armchair? What will make me happy in my living room? How much am I willing to spend on an armchair? How long do I expect my living room’s armchairs to last? Once you have answers to these questions, it’s much easier to decide between leather and fabric.