Living room trends for 2023

The living room has long been the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to socialize after work and school or to unwind at the end of an active day. With so much going on in space, it can be difficult to create a cohesive look that everyone will like. You want your living room to reflect your style and fit within the other rooms in your home and go with your overall design scheme. However, how can this be done best? Paying attention to these eight living room trends will up your home's style game in 2023.


The Rise of Wallpaper

living room trends 2023

Wallpaper is making a comeback. The trend that began in the early 1900s has been steadily growing over the past decade and this trend will only continue to grow. Wallpaper is an easy way to change up the look of your space without spending a lot. Plus, it can be easily removed if you decide you want a different look in the future.


Curved Lines

living room trends 2023

Curved lines are the latest trend in interior design. This trend emphasizes creating a visually pleasing space. The curved lines can be used in furniture arrangements in the living room, or on wall decor. By using curves, you make the room more inviting, and they also offer a sense of comfort. Curved lines are great for living rooms that are small or narrow because they add a sense of spaciousness. Curved lines can give your living room a sense of sophistication.


Mixed Materials

living room trends 2023

Mixing materials is a new trend in 2023 for your living room. The combination of various types of materials in interior design is on the rise, especially in the living room. The mixing and matching of materials can be seen everywhere – from the walls to the floors and even to your furniture. Wood, metals, and glass used together create interesting textures and forms in your living room. You will find that the coffee table is made of concrete with a marble top, or how about the wall art made from upcycled vinyl records? Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that mixed materials will be big in 2023. The idea behind using mixed materials for furniture is to bring together different elements to create a unique look.


Organic Shapes

living room trends 2023

Shapes are the new colours. And while we've been seeing a lot of squares and rectangles, the truly innovative interior designer knows that shape is the way to go. You can see it everywhere. From furniture to home accents, round, ovoid, trapezoid, and all sorts of other shapes are popping up in living rooms across the world. This brings me to one of my favourite shapes of all time: triangles.



Modular Furniture

living room trends 2023


Furniture is typically sold as an all-in-one package that is difficult to combine with other pieces. Modular furniture, on the other hand, is made of smaller pieces that can be put together in different configurations and styles. The modular furniture trend has been growing steadily over the past few years and should continue to do so in 2023. It's a great way to get multiple looks from one set of pieces without having to compromise on style or function.  With this unique approach, you can create a living space that is tailored precisely to your needs and tastes.


Going Monochromatic

 living room trends 2023


The space will still be vibrant and engaging, but it won't be quite as overwhelming. Choose one colour that you love and use it throughout the entire room. Or also you can bring varying shades, hues and tints of the same colour to bring a twist. Add accents with pillows or other small touches that echo the same colour. A monochromatic living room can be perfect for those looking for a calming and soothing space. Soft neutrals like tan, light blue, or lilac are always popular choices.


Statement Lighting 

living room trends 2023


Statement Lighting is an important element in any living room. So, if you're going for a minimalist style, it's best to stick with one or two statement pieces of lighting. If you want a more traditional feel, then make sure your statement pieces are subtle and complement the rest of your decor. The most common statement pieces of lighting are chandeliers and floor lamps.


Incorporating Nature

living room trends 2023 

Natural materials like wood and plant life will become more popular in living room interiors in 2023 as people want to bring the outdoors in. Rooms with large windows or skylights often have an abundance of natural light, which is a beautiful way to feel connected with nature. In your living room, you can even incorporate things like flowers or plants as decoration.


Living room trends are always evolving, and it's only natural that the next year will have its own unique style. If you're ready for a change in your home, contact us at 9613530530.