small living room decor ideas

A small living room doesn’t have to mean a boring living room. On the contrary, small spaces can actually be easier to decorate than larger ones because you don’t have to worry about your decor distracting from the space itself. If you know how to decorate a small living room, your space will look cozy and inviting, regardless of its size! 


Here are seven easy tips to help you design and decorate a small living room space in your home.


Always Buy Artwork First

small living room decor ideas

You might think you want to decorate your walls with abstract landscapes, but once you see how beautiful your new artwork looks in person, you may end up swapping out your original plans. So when shopping for furniture and accessories, always buy artwork first. It’s easier to move around than large pieces of furniture, so if you discover that everything else in your living room clashes with your picture of choice, it’s much easier to swap things out on a smaller scale.


Use Mirrors to Reflect and Expand

small living room decor ideas

Mirrors can take up space and make it look larger. They’re also said to make a room appear brighter and more energetic. If you want to decorate the small living room, try adding mirrors on opposite walls to reflect one another and expand your space at least optically.


Furniture Placement is Key

small living room decor ideas

To make your living room feel larger, place furniture away from walls and don’t overcrowd it. Keep couches against walls to create an open floor plan and have furniture line up against walls. For small rooms, it’s also helpful to remove clutter as much as possible. Don’t keep large pieces of decor that eat up space, and stack books on shelves or in boxes instead of piling them on tables or counters.


Don’t Forget About Plants

small living room decor ideas

Your living room should feel like a welcoming home. If your home feels empty, add some plants to help liven it up and make it more appealing. Houseplants add oxygen and help remove toxins from your home, so you’ll breathe easier and enjoy fresher air in your home. Add greenery around furniture and against walls to create some breathing room in small spaces. Some plants are considered indoor air purifiers, such as peace lilies and English ivy.


Look for Furniture Pieces with Hidden Storage

small living room decor ideas

Many pieces of furniture have hidden storage space, such as cabinets and drawers built-in. Look to maximize your living room’s square footage by looking out for furniture with hidden storage or small pieces of furniture that can be paired together.


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Have an Unconventional Materials

small living room decor ideas

One of the best ways to set your space apart is by using unconventional materials and pieces. If you’re working with a limited budget, look into purchasing used furniture or repurposing other materials in place of pricey decor. Examples include hanging old pallets from your ceiling, filling an old picture frame with floral scraps, or turning an upturned crate into a side table. These simple tips will help you create an eye-catching space that’s full of unique personality—all on a budget!


Go Minimal on Accent Colors

small living room decor ideas

A common mistake people make when decorating a small living room is to go overboard with colors and patterns. Instead, stick to neutrals in different shades and take advantage of what’s already there (e.g., furniture, artwork, etc.). Bring in some greenery if you can! 


You’ll get a similar effect without overcrowding your space or making it feel tacky.


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